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Two Guys Lose Weight: Jimmy has vegetarian stir-fry -- better than beer and cigarettes

Day 3: Choosing the noodle dish isn't a good idea, but once he gets started, it's a done deal. Tomorrow is another day.

January 12, 2011|By Jimmy Orr | Los Angeles Times
  • Stir-fry noodles weren't a great pick, but it's an improvement over a previous weight-loss strategy.
Stir-fry noodles weren't a great pick, but it's an improvement… (Reuters )

NOTE:  This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period.  They kicked off their weight loss "strategies" on Monday.

It sounded safe to eat…

Originally, the plan was just to grab a salad.  But the line was too long.  Just up the street though were two more restaurants: a pizza parlor and a noodle place.  My colleague and I went for the noodles.

I  ordered something that sounded healthy and low in calories:  vegetarian stir-fry noodles.

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Once I tasted it, though, I knew I was toast.   And although some people can stop halfway through a meal and have it boxed or actually just stop, I can’t.  Or, more accurately, I won’t.  Discipline in the middle of a meal?  Nope.

Having no idea how many calories were in the dish (but numerous Google results indicate a lot) and that my goal was to drop 2 pounds per week over the next 12 weeks, I decided I would just abstain from eating for the rest of the day.  

I e-mailed my former trainer Teri in Arizona for advice.  She said the noodles weren’t a great pick  and further did not endorse my decision to go without food for the rest of the day to make up for it.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea.  But it’s a vast improvement over one weight-loss strategy I employed in Washington, D.C., a long, long time ago.

A friend and I figured out that, using the Weight Watchers points plan, we could still drink 13 ½ beers per day and lose weight.  Plus, all the cigarettes you could smoke.

Of course that left no points for any food…  

Not a problem.

In the few days that we actually employed the “beer-and-cigarettes diet,” we were impressed to see that it actually worked.  We were losing weight.  And we weren’t all that hungry.

We even decided that we were going to write a book:  "Smoking and Drinking Your Way to Health."

Maybe we could have co-authored it with golfer John Daly.  In his book he talked about losing 65 pounds with his cigarettes-popcorn-whiskey diet.

The one main problem with our diet was it really wasn’t sustainable.  And although I’m not a doctor, I doubt it’s endorsed by the AMA.  

Thinking back on that less-than-stellar decision, I decided that I would eat again after all.

After a vigorous hourlong workout session with my trainer, Mike, I headed home and cooked up some low-cal crab soup.  Total calories:  320.

Total calories for the day?  Who knows.  I’ll be a better calorie counter today.  

By the way, congrats to my partner, Tony, who joined a gym Tuesday (note the blistering 15-minute workout).

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