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Two Guys Lose Weight: What we can learn from the Situation

Day 4: Are the tanned, sculpted reality stars from 'Jersey Shore' on to something?

January 13, 2011|By Tony Pierce, Los Angeles Times
  • Snooki and the Situation of the MTV hit "Jersey Shore."
Snooki and the Situation of the MTV hit "Jersey Shore." (Scott Gries / MTV )

NOTE:  This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period.  They kicked off their weight loss "strategies" on Monday.

Maybe I've become lightheaded due to the lack of saturated fats, but I am beginning to believe that there are things we can learn from the cast of "Jersey Shore."

At the ridiculous heart of the "gym, tan, laundry" mantra often uttered by the muscle-bound gentlemen of the hit MTV show are elements of narcissism and personal pride. Although the former trait is often ridiculed and mocked, if it becomes a motivator to eat smarter and become physically fit, then so much the better for the latter.

Snooki, J-Wow, the Situation, et al are also mocked and laughed at. Regularly. Justly. Endlessly. But as their third(!) season debuted this month to record-breaking ratings, they fist-pumped their way to the bank. (Followed by trips to the gym, the tanning salon and the laundry room, naturally.)

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Although it's true that most of the cast's base behavior, questionable shenanigans and treatment of women aren't much to mimic, there are a few qualities they possess that I'm starting to see as admirable.

First, they know who they are. And then they rock that look.

Ed Hardy, spiky hair and Fossil watches might not be your thing, which is fine, but it's their thing, and they're all in.

Second, the men, with the exception of Vinny, are clearly dedicated to working out regularly. "Oh, but they're young; of course they look good," some may say. But being that ripped takes dedication. On "Dancing With The Stars," the Situation showed the nation what he looks like when his head isn't completely focused on a goal. Likewise, when he lifts his shirt, he reveals what he looks like when he is focused.

Third, they are competitive. As uncollegial as the Situation is when he attempts to "pull a robbery" (a.k.a.  stealing someone's love or lust interest), he is never as motivated as when he sees a peer succeed in the mating ritual.

Though some may feel disheartened when they have been passed over for another, the Situation only intensifies his commitment level. Being able to kick it into a higher gear is admirable. The trick is learning how to do it for purposes of good.

I try not to be too much of a narcissist, but I am absolutely competitive. And just for my own peace of mind, I don't want to believe that the Situation could be better than me at Anything. All he figured out was how to fit in a few hours at the gym into his schedule, and then do the work. That doesn't seem hard to me.

And nowadays, there are TVs in most gyms, if not on most pieces of workout equipment -- the perfect place to discover more admirable traits from other boorish reality stars.

My goal may not be as ambitious as to one day match the Situation's sculpted abs; I just want to look good after T-shirt Time.

Food for the day: Breakfast: Banana. Lunch: Salad with chunks of chicken breast, Diet Dr. Pepper. Dinner: Turkey sandwich with water. Late-night snack:  About 20 reduced fat Wheat Thins, 10 peanuts, three Junior Mints, two Diet Dr. Peppers.


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