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Letters: Things just weren't Ducky in BCS title game

Readers have theories on Oregon's loss to Aubun in BCS championship game.

January 14, 2011
  • Auburn running back Michael Dyer rolls over Oregon defensive back Eddie Pleasant before getting up and continuing a 37-yard run late in the fourth quarter of the BCS title game Monday night. An official replay ruled that Dyer was not down by contact on the play.
Auburn running back Michael Dyer rolls over Oregon defensive back Eddie… (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images )

The only thing stranger than the "non-tackle" in the "Tostitos BCS National Championship Game" is the inclusion of the word "Tostitos" in the game's title. It figures this over-hyped game ended on a chip shot.

Ron Reeve



Forget the fancy uniforms. The Oregon football team needs Phil Knight to buy them some linemen who can compete with teams other than the soft Pac-12.

Alan Abajian

Alta Loma


Oregon's fate was sealed the day before the BCS title game. The Ducks had no chance. Auburn would win. It was inevitable, like death and taxes. Bill Plaschke predicted Oregon.

Jack Saltzberg

Sherman Oaks


If Auburn's last-second field goal convinces people that the SEC is better than the Pac-10, so be it. But let's not forget that the SEC was 5-5 in bowl games this year. Auburn, LSU, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi State won, but South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Kentucky lost. And when you look at the SEC's nonconference schedule, you see how they compiled enough wins to become "bowl eligible."

David Macaray

Rowland Heights


During the course of his immediate postgame interview, Coach Chizik stated that God had been on the side of the Auburn Tigers. One wonders what the Ducks might have been up to that incurred the displeasure of the Almighty. Or was it that the Oregon team simply spent too much time on the practice field prior to the game and not enough in church?

Perhaps the answer lies in the lines from the poet William Blake, "Tiger, tiger … what Immortal hand or eye shaped thy fearful symmetry?"

Skip Nevell

Los Angeles


Anyone notice the poor field condition for the BCS game? Players slipping and sliding around, which affected their performances. I found it ridiculous they couldn't have a decent field for a championship game. They should have shipped the Rose Bowl grass there.

Steve Owen

San Diego


Anybody who would play for the national championship wearing those ugly chartreuse glow-in-the-dark sweat socks deserves to lose.

John Paul White



Mr. Plaschke gives the BCS credit for democratizing college football and letting teams from non-major conferences compete. Maybe so, but why did BCS black out any spectator who does not have cable? Only ESPN carries the "hottest ticket in BCS history" in the L.A. area. I don't know if BCS is completely to blame for this, but I'm sure that with only a little effort they could have democratized the viewers also.

Philip Westin


Stale 'Burger

After viewing the ESPN broadcast of the championship game, I wondered if Brent Musburger received extra money from "product placement" in mentioning the Southeastern Conference. It would be interesting how many times Musburger mentioned the SEC and/or the prowess of the conference players. Didn't Oregon play a pretty good game as well? Just askin'.

Bill Stark



How much longer do we have to abide Brent Musburger? The guy is a bumbling, blathering, bollixing, buffoonish embarrassment who ruins every broadcast that he's on. A decent game Monday night was mutilated by the musings of "Burnt Hamburger" (RIP, Jim Healey). It's painful.

Mike Davison

Toluca Lake

You're welcome

I know that many Pac-10 fans, including some of your staff, were disappointed that TCU was invited to the Rose Bowl over a West Coast team. After spending a few days in Los Angeles and experiencing the Rose Bowl first-hand I can understand why some are hesitant to relinquish such an amazing opportunity.

I believe I can speak for most Horned Frogs faithful that L.A., Pasadena and the Rose Bowl provided us with a top-notch bucket list moment. There was no part of the experience that was less than stellar, including the hospitality of the locals, the tournament staff and the Wisconsin fans. We hope someday to have this opportunity again, but for now I'd like to express our gratitude for letting us see why they call the Rose Bowl the "Granddaddy of Them All."

Chris Hill

Benbrook, Texas

Call him out

I enjoyed Bill Shaikin's story on Frank McCourt meeting with MLB executives.

No doubt, the folks in the commissioner's office were showing Mr. McCourt the door, so to speak.

It is time for this over-leveraged high roller to exit the major league baseball business. Professional sports teams should be owned free and clear, without any debt. It is really a business for billionaires who don't require income from the team, but rather reinvest profits in the team. In a very real sense, professional sports teams are a toy of the rich, and not a business for highly leveraged investors.

Russ Colvin

Laguna Niguel

Not all Tiger

Isn't it amazing? Without golf's sleazebag, Tiger Woods, in the PGA Tour's opening event of the season, The Times' coverage is from AP, and the TV coverage is from TGC. When will The Times and the TV golf media understand that Tiger disgraced the game of golf and its heritage, his family, women, his sponsors and many ex-Tiger fans all over the world including me.

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