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Traveling? Buy these beauty products on your trip

Don't pass up an opportunity to buy these skin- and hair-care products when you visit to Beirut, London, Mexico City, Sydney or Tokyo.

January 16, 2011|By Alexandra Drosu | Special to the Los Angeles Times

Thanks to the Internet, you no longer need to trek to the far corners of the world to find the latest beauty balms. However, even in today's global market, some products are hard to get online. If you're planning a trip to any of these five cities, bring home the following beauty must-haves. Just keep the products in their original containers and remember to declare them at customs.


Beesline: This affordable collection of skin, hair and body products is sold in pharmacies. It infuses bee products with natural plant extracts to create formulations suited for sensitive skin. The sun-care products include carrot extract as an ingredient to protect while enhancing a bronze glow.


Label. M Resurrection Style Dust: Once available only in the United Kingdom, this hair powder that revives volume and creates texture is gaining in popularity online. But to ensure a ready supply, pick up a few bottles the next time you visit London.

Mexico City

Zan Zusi Roll On Mascara: Sometimes the best makeup comes in small packages. For long and thick lashes, makeup artist Ana Gloria Perez recommends picking up a tube of this mascara if you're in Mexico.


Kora Exfoliating Cream: Developed by Australian model Miranda Kerr, this skin-care line incorporates organic ingredients to nourish and hydrate skin. When you head Down Under, stock up on the exfoliating cream, made from oat flour and bamboo, to help make skin appear smoother and brighter.


Shiseido In & On: The Japanese beauty company has plans to sell this skin-care collection only in its home territory. Aimed at women in their 40s, the beauty program combines supplements and cosmetics to combat rapid changes to aging skin. (You can bring home the masks and serums, but leave the supplements behind — they won't be allowed into the U.S.)

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