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Fast Track: What put Charlie Sheen in the hospital?

January 28, 2011
  • Charlie Sheen (shown leaving a courthouse in August) has reportedly left the hospital after suffering a hiatal hernia.
Charlie Sheen (shown leaving a courthouse in August) has reportedly left… (Rick Wilking / Reuters )

Charlie Sheen is reportedly out of the hospital after suffering a hernia -- from laughing too hard, a friend says. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Or was it from partying? (Los Angeles Times)

NBC Universal says buh-bye to the peacock. (Los Angeles Times)

"American Idol" found out why they call Nashville "Music City." (Billboard)

Chloe Moretz says she's dying to play the lead in "The Hunger Games," but she's got competition from a couple of Oscar nominees ... uh-oh. (Los Angeles Times)

A "Star Trek" producer regrets not having any gay characters in the "Star Trek" universe. (After Elton)

This is it. The moment you've waited seven years for! Michael Scott! Meets! David Brent! On! "The Office"! (Gawker)

Museum directors in Milwaukee and Pittsburgh are wagering their works of fine art on the Super Bowl. (New York Times)

Geri Jewell from "The Facts of Life" has come out as a lesbian. (Huffington Post)

P. Diddy is getting sued ... for planning 9/11. (Radar Online)

Lea Michele will kick off the Super Bowl by singing "America the Beautiful." (Entertainment Weekly)

Kristen Stewart may be your next Snow White. (Los Angeles Times)

CW is looking to get in on the zombie series game. Younger, sexier zombies? (Deadline Hollywood)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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