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Follow Tiger Woods' third round at Torrey Pines

He finishes Saturday's round on the South Course with a two-over-par 74 and is four-under for the tournament, eight shots off the pace of leaders Bill Haas and Phil Mickelson.

January 29, 2011|Los Angeles Times
  • Tiger Woods hits from a sand trap on the first hole Saturday during the third round of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines South Course.
Tiger Woods hits from a sand trap on the first hole Saturday during the third… (Mike Blake / Reuters )

18th hole, South Course, Par 5, 570 yards

Tiger's tee shot was a booming one, 309 yards, but to the left rough. He managed to avoid the trio bunkers on that side of the fairway. And his second shot was a pretty one and it got him back on the fairway, to the right. With his next shot he was on the green, about 18 feet away for a birdie. Will he make it this time or will it go long again? This time the putt was short, by about a foot and a half. Another collective sigh from the gallery. That too is sounding familiar. His par putt was good and he ended the day four under. As Tiger walked off the last hole of the day, tied for 24th, he declined to be interviewed by CBS, which is airing the tournament. Clearly not happy as the top of the leaderboard showed a lot of names ahead of him: Haas, the leader at that moment, at 13 under; Mickelson at 12 under; and Vegas, Hunter Mahan, Watson and Kim all tied at nine under.

17th hole, South Course, Par 4, 442 yards

This is the hole that has bunkers framing the front of the green. Another déjà vu moment? Maybe not. Tiger's drive stayed on the fairway, avoiding bunkers to the right. His second shot was magnificent. Missed those framing bunkers and was on the green, about 10 feet from the hole. Tiger needed a birdie finish and ? missed. He went long again, less than 2 feet beyond the hole. The gallery sounded sad with a very loud, almost mournful, "Oh-h-h." He got par, still at four under and no doubt hoping the day's final hole will get him a birdie. He could use it.

16th hole, South Course, Par 3, 223 yards

Front left greenside bunker. Sound familiar? Yes, yes it does. And Tiger found it with his tee shot. At least he got out of the sand in one shot, and even made it look close for a possible birdie. But It didn't quite get there and he was left with a par putt of about 2 feet. That one he made to stay four-under. On the leaderboard, Haas pulls ahead at 12-under while Mickelson is still at 11-under. Also notable: Vegas is surging and is now at nine-under in a four-way tie for third.

15th hole, South Course, Par 4, 478 yards

This was another hole Tiger probably would have preferred to skip after Friday's sand-filled bogey that he had to take. Yes, that is starting to sound familiar too. Off the tee, he drove it more than 300 yards but clearly turned the club face over because it landed deep into the rough to the right of the fairway. The crowd gasped as if stunned, no doubt remembering the Tiger from 2008 when he won the U.S. Open here. That is not the Tiger playing Saturday ? not yet anyway. Trying to get back on track, he hit the ball over to the left rough instead of toward the green on the right side of this hole. Oh my. Is there is a method to his madness? His third shot not only put him on the green but missed being a birdie by 5 feet. But again his putting failed him and he missed par as the ball went long by more than 2 feet. Another bogey for the day as he slips to four-under.

14th hole, South Course, Par 4, 437 yards

On Friday, this was a nightmare hole for Tiger when he seemed to like playing in the sand and collected another bogey. Today, it was a different story. His drive landed nearly in the middle of the fairway. For his second shot, he used his seven-iron but clearly struggled on the swing. It sailed more to the right than he wanted, but he was lucky. It dropped to the right edge of the green. That left him with a long birdie putt. While his effort was valiant, the ball missed by about 3 feet. His par putt was good, though. Meanwhile, as Tiger moved to the 15th, the top of the leaderboard remained a battle between Mickelson and Haas at 11 under.

13th hole, South Course, Par 5, 614 yards

Tiger killed the ball off the tee, driving it more than 300 yards to the left side of the fairway, staying away from the bunkers on the right and putting himself in excellent position. But then it all went awry. His second shot floated way to the right rough and into the gallery. He chipped out of that predicament and left himself another long putt ? this one maybe 27 feet -- for birdie. Déjà vu? Yep. It looked like a very fast green as the ball raced about 4 feet past the hole. His par putt was a good one, though, to stay at five-under. Looking at the leaderboard, Haas has gone to 12-under, with Mickelson right on his heels at 11-under.

12th hole, South Course, Par 4, 504 yards

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