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Letters: Their money's not on Frank McCourt

How do they not love the Dodgers owner? Let's count the ways.

July 01, 2011

Frank McCourt might have disrespected Dodgers' season-ticket holders by not following up on his introductory lunch, but Kings' season-ticket holders are still waiting for Phil Anschutz to make a public appearance, address the fans or acknowledge his ownership of the team he bought in 1995.

I'd even settle for an introductory lunch, though the food (like the teams' playoff success under AEG) might be unrecognizable after 16 years.

Arthur Tabak

Beverly Hills

Not a rout

According to Ben Bolch [June 24], the American League continues to "dominate" the National League in interleague play.

Really? The AL leading in wins, 1,872-1,712, is like a bowling match being won, 187-171.

"Dominate" describes when Notre Dame beat Navy 40, or so, years in a row. And "dominate" is what Navy has done to Notre Dame for the last several years.

I would agree, however, that the AL teams seem to win more often than they lose these interleague games.

Gene Miller

Huntington Beach

Kicked around

The soccer game last Saturday between America and Mexico was surprising and not just because of the victory by Mexico. It was truly disrespectful and downright outrageous for the Mexican fans to boo the American national anthem.

It's one thing to boo a player and quite another to boo the anthem — especially of the country hosting the event.

Tony Hillbruner

San Gabriel


It is time for U.S. Soccer Coach Bob Bradley to do the right thing and resign. He had a lead against Mexico and no clue as how to hold on to it. He put in Jonathan Bornstein, who has never ever played well at the international level in a big game. He took out arguably the best player on the field, Freddy Adu, and replaced him with Sacha Kljestan, who showed nothing in this tournament.

The team needs a change of direction and we are not going to get it with Bob Bradley.

Daniel Williams



Regarding Bill Plaschke's positive spin on the booing of the U.S. men's soccer team in Pasadena. Please have Mr. Plaschke write about California's budget deficits, its unemployment figures and its immigration problems. I'm sure he can have us all stand proud of those declarations as well.

Adam Sweeney

Sherman Oaks

No and yes

Bill Plaschke asked two questions in his article Friday: Do you like Staples Center and do you like football? Answers: Staples Center is the worst arena in the country if you are a fan. This arena was built specifically for corporate dollars and couldn't care less about the true fan. True fans sit farther away and higher than any other arena in the NBA or NHL. My seats at Staples Center are in the first row of the 300 level. Those seats would be on the roof of the old Forum. So, no, I don't like Staples Center. 

And for the question of football. I love football. But the simple fact surrounding the proposed stadium is, who is coming to L.A.? If Sacramento could hold on to the NBA's Kings, do you think another city will lose an NFL team? AEG wants to control downtown. Period. Don't fall for their rhetoric and snake oil spew.

Geno Apicella


Lockout love

Only in America do rich people have the egocentric arrogance to publicly negotiate a bigger slice of the pie.

Paul Manocchio

Van Nuys

Their fault

It's the same old thing at NBC, even without Dick Ebersol. Instead of broadcasting the Murray-Nadal match live for the West Coast, we are forced to wait through a three-hour delay. Does NBC really think that moving the match from 9 a.m. to noon increases viewership? I can hardly wait for next year's "tape-delayed" Olympics from London.

Don Geller


Peace keeper

Ron Artest is changing his name to Metta World Peace. NBA fans are shocked. It's the first name change all year that didn't involve a Kardashian.

R.J. Johnson

North Hollywood


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