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Drama at the Crystal Cathedral; President Obama and gay marriage; the Dodgers' troubles

July 08, 2011
  • Crystal Cathedral: Chapman University is seeking to buy the bankrupt megachurch site. (Katie Falkenberg / For The Times)
Crystal Cathedral: Chapman University is seeking to buy the bankrupt megachurch…

About glass houses

Re "Crystal Cathedral denies Rev. Schuller was ousted," July 5, and "Church campus gets a new suitor," July 6

The sad state of affairs at the Crystal Cathedral is another blow to religion in this nation — another example of what money and ego can do to people who do not follow what they preach.

To a man of faith, the amount of money that church leaders wasted on buildings, lifestyles and grand productions is almost unbelievable. Imagine all that money going instead to charities. Even as an unemployed man, I manage to squeeze out something for charity.

Affairs such as the one at the Crystal Cathedral make it hard for us doing the work of God to explain ourselves.

Harvey Guinn Jr.

Los Angeles

Same-sex marriage stance

Re "Obama the fence-sitter," Editorial, July 1

Abraham Lincoln was equivocal about slavery, as President Obama is with same-sex marriage. Historians note that Lincoln, whom Obama is emulating, was trying to bring the public along gradually to the view of abolishing slavery.

As for the president's remark about leaving the issue to the states, The Times fails to mention that Obama was giving a reason to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act.

Michael Haas

Los Angeles

Don't the "save marriage" people realize that same-sex marriage is protecting marriage?

When a gay man marries a woman to avoid being considered queer, as many gay men do, the marriage is probably doomed because the man will seek out other men to satisfy his natural urge, and eventually the wife, shocked to learn that her husband is gay, will seek a divorce.

If the man is allowed to marry another man, he will not break up a marriage with a woman and thus will save marriage for heterosexuals.

Arnold T. Schwab


The Times' editorial board does not have to run for election, so it does not have to concern itself with mocking my marriage in support of gay marriage.

But the president does have to worry about being reelected and, as such, needs to appeal to all Americans on a variety of issues; he can't afford to be so polarizing that he drives us away from his agenda. The Times has no such constraints.

Keith Pittell

Los Angeles

There is only one word that properly describes Obama's refusal to voice his support for same-sex marriage, and that word is not "evolving"; it's "cowardice."

Randal Snyder

Los Angeles

Doomsday for the Dodgers

Re "True to the Dodgers," Editorial, July 2

Let's go back further and place the blame where it belongs for the McCourts' and Fox's ownership of the Dodgers.

In 1997, Peter O'Malley decided to sell the team only after then-Mayor Richard Riordan, the L.A. City Council and the Coliseum Commission pressured him into giving up his quest to build a football stadium next to Dodger Stadium. Why? Because they wanted the decrepit Coliseum to house the team.

O'Malley had planned to build the stadium and lure an NFL team to L.A. O'Malley, not being one to make waves, withdrew his plan and sold the Dodgers.

Oscar Rosalez

Diamond Bar

If Frank McCourt prevails, does any Dodgers fan really believe that the team will sign any big-name free agents at the end of the 2011 season? What free agent would come here not knowing if he would be paid on a regular basis or with a check that doesn't bounce?

The only message McCourt might understand is a true rest-of-the-season boycott. But, as with all the lemming fans from the 1994 strike, that won't happen.

And, if any accountant happens to be a Dodgers fan, perhaps he or she can explain how someone who is $525 million in debt can borrow another $150 million.

Dave Kaufman


With McCourt scrambling to save his franchise, the Dodgers' situation moves from very bad to unbelievably worse. One thing is clear: When Major League Baseball finally takes over the Dodgers, McCourt will have the qualifications, skills and time to become a California state legislator.

Brian K. Haueter


Please, no panic in the streets

Re "Amid 405 roadwork, retaining a ritual," July 4

I find it hard to believe that no extra taxpayer dollars were used to maintain the Orthodox Jewish eruv, or as it is known by many in the Jewish community, a "loophole."

Dan Kulka, community relations manager for the 405 Freeway construction contractor, said that maintaining the eruv "doesn't cost a lot," though he did say some additional labor is involved. So what did it cost? And in whose opinion was it not a lot?

This demonstrates why we need separation of state and church. For those of you who want an eruv, do your own work to mark the territory. Don't ask the rest of us to contribute involuntarily, and we won't ask for your help in planting Christmas trees or helping with Islamic rituals.

Lynn E. Powers

Laguna Beach

"Carmageddon" indeed! To hear the media go on and on, a person would think it's the end of the world.

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