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Will Gluck experiences the benefits of success

The director broke through with 'Easy A' and has 'Friends With Benefits' coming out. His next job: picking out furniture for his new office at Sony Pictures.

July 19, 2011|By Nicole Sperling, Los Angeles Times

The filmmaker does exude a kind of witty yet down-to-earth charm, which Culpepper attributes to good parenting. "The difference is a good mama. He's a good boy. It's why actors love him."

Gluck is still tight with his family. His father, Peter, a prominent New York architect, appears in every one of his productions, mostly credited by the stage name Lance Kerfuffle. His mother is a published academic and professor at Columbia University. (Kunis is reading Carol Gluck's book "Japan's Modern Myths" in the film.)

Gluck recently landed a two-year overall film and television deal at Sony Pictures, and that has him picking out office furniture, hiring staff and essentially "running the Burger King" as he likes to call it. His laid-back attire — black Nike sweatshirt, dark blue jeans, sneakers — belies the anxiety that's accompanying his new-found success.

His latest creative endeavor involves adapting Ben Mezrich's ("The Accidental Billionaires") latest book "Sex on the Moon," a failed heist story centered on a young NASA intern who attempts to steal moon rocks from the Johnson Space Center. He's also developing another movie with Emma Stone in addition to producing Screen Gems' "About Last Night" remake

As a newly crowned boss, Gluck's myriad worries now encompass everything from the wall hangings to continuing to get right what got him into the spacious digs in the first place.

"I just want to be someone who keeps working," says Gluck. "I always tell people that after 'Easy A' and being able to make this movie, that I'm the fat girl who came back from summer camp having lost 30 pounds. Everyone thinks, 'Whoa, she looks pretty good.' But I'm the same girl, the same person who did a lot of failed TV shows and a movie that didn't do very well. You have to kiss me quick because I'm going to start eating."

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