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How Pac-12 compares with other BCS conferences in fan loyalty, TV deals

The Pacific 12 Conference's new television contract is the biggest in college sports, even though fan interest appears less intense, and population is smaller, than in regions served by other leagues.

July 26, 2011

The Pacific 12 Conference recently signed a television contract with Fox and ESPN estimated to be worth $3 billion over 12 years, the largest deal in college sports. AJ Maestas of Navigate Marketing, a Chicago-based firm, believes the numbers are particularly surprising given that the Pac-12 ranks behind conferences such as the Southeastern and Big Ten when it comes to fan base and interest.

Conference footprint

(population of represented states)

Big East; 107,227,913

Big Ten; 69,179,505

Atlantic Coast; 63,084,618

Pac-12; 61,072,042

Southeastern; 58,581,019

Big 12; 40,283,535


Pac-12; Big Ten; SEC; ACC; Big 12; Big East

Watched football; 10,166,303; 16,146,261; 13,403,870; 11,390,260; 8,103,253; 5,124,219

Watched basketball; 3,377,464; 3,186,570; 7,800,430; 8,387,327; 1,796,393; 10,233,230

Fan affinity

Percentage of college football fans in major home markets:

Southeastern; 40.6%

Big 12; 36.4%

Big Ten; 34.5%

Atlantic Coast; 34.5%

Big East; 28.8%

Pac-12; 26.9%

Percentage of college basketball fans in major home markets:

Big Ten; 25.8%

Southeastern; 25.7%

Big 12; 25.5%

Atlantic Coast; 24.5%

Big East; 21.8%

Pac-12; 18.0%

Television contracts

(As reported publicly)

Conference; Per school annually

*Big Ten; $21,000,000

Pac-12; $20,833,333

Southeastern; $17,083,333

Atlantic Coast; $15,400,000

Big 12; $15,000,000

Big East; $2,100,000

*Includes revenue from conference's own television network.

Source: Scarborough Research

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