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June 01, 2011

Rich resentment

Re "Gingrich's bling backlash," Editorial, May 28

People resent rich folks for lots of reasons, but their having more than the rest of us isn't one of them.

The rich too often resent funding services for citizens who need help and paying their fair share to live in this country, while the rest of us pay every dollar we owe. And they too often abuse the power their riches bring them.

They forget to acknowledge it isn't just their business acumen that's made their fortunes but also the labor of millions of us worker bees who made them rich. And our reward? Curtail workers' rights, wages and pensions whenever possible.

Your assertion feeds into the right-wing conservative "we've got ours, let them get theirs" attitude.

Tobi Dragert

Los Angeles

Ivins' case

Re "A threat from within," May 29

The story of Bruce Ivins raises the question: How many others are there today with similar delusional motives? Does the government properly scan prospective researchers and high-security personnel? Too many cases such as the Ft. Hood massacre remind us that we are all potential victims and should be vigilant for people who exhibit extreme behavior.

What role can colleges and universities play in monitoring those students and personnel who may pose a danger? How many computer geeks are there who think it is a game to disrupt our lives by hacking into various systems? And of course, who is the next Bruce Ivins?

Sol Taylor

Sherman Oaks

A dual tragedy

Re "Officer on funeral duty dies," May 27

My deepest condolences go out to the families of Manhattan Beach police officers Andrew Garton and Mark Vasquez. What a series of horrible, intertwined tragedies.

However, I am struck by the glaring waste of time, resources and now, life from a motorcade honoring an officer not killed in the line of duty but by cancer. Why was this event even occurring? I can see an obviously beneficial role for a motorcade, both to the squad and to the public, when an officer dies while discharging his duties, but not otherwise.

One hopes this tragedy will force our forces to rethink when, why and at what cost they choose to deploy such pageantry.

Robert Wollman

West Hollywood

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