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Las Vegas mayor's name in lights

Oscar Goodman's star power has inspired a stage production and wife Carolyn's campaign to succeed him in office. Challenger Chris Giunchigliani is essentially running against both of them.

June 03, 2011|By Ashley Powers, Los Angeles Times

"Carolyn is a lot classier," the mayor added when he rejoined her.

Thus far, Giunchigliani's hardest punch at the Goodmans has been a commercial implying that Carolyn Goodman is squeaking by on her husband's popularity. In it, a casino dealer who botches shuffling cards reassures her patrons: "It'll be fine, my husband's a dealer." And a man sitting in a small plane says: "My partner is an airline pilot. How hard can it be?"

"Some jobs, like being mayor, require skills," the ad says.

Inventive? Yes. Effective? It's uncertain anything will be.

When the Goodmans barnstormed a downtown barbeque joint this week, the mayor mugged for cameras, while his wife of nearly five decades and some bemused patrons watched from their booths. The restaurateur, who goes by the name Harry O, presented Goodman with a martini glass, and the mayor joked, "You can bet in 15 minutes, I'm going to be half-drunk." The men prodded Carolyn Goodman to pose for some pictures before she ushered her husband out.

"He's the realest mayor I ever met in my whole life," Harry O said. "If Carolyn wins, it'll be like he's mayor again."

As the Goodmans zoomed off in a white sedan with the license plate "CG," the restaurateur shouted, "You know, Carolyn, you're going to be just as famous as your husband!"

It was Oscar Goodman who waved in response.

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