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Fast Track: Rebecca Black takes 'Friday' from us

June 17, 2011
  • The viral singing sensation Rebecca Black has removed her hit video, "Friday," from YouTube.
The viral singing sensation Rebecca Black has removed her hit video, "Friday,"… (Ethan Miller / Getty Images )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Friday.

It's Friday in the real world, but "Friday" is gone from YouTube as part of a copyright dispute between Rebecca Black and Ark Music. (Los Angeles Times)

Good news for Anthony Weiner: The Democratic Party may not want him, but the producers of "Entourage" sure do. (Hollywood Reporter)

It's not been a good year for U2's the Edge. First there's "Spider-Man," and now the Coastal Commission has rejected his plan to build five homes in Malibu. (Los Angeles Times)

Harry Potter fans, rejoice: J.K. Rowling is planning a mysterious "big" Potter announcement next week. What is Pottermore? (E! Online)

The Harry Potter film series may be ending, but it looks like the Percy Jackson series is just gearing up. (Los Angeles Times)

The trailer for "Moneyball," with Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, has debuted. (Los Angeles Times)

What can we expect at this year's Comic-Con International? Here are five things. (Los Angeles Times)

Blair Underwood is set to play Stanley Kowalski on Broadway. Can Broadway handle all that sexy? (New York Times)

Despite some stinko reviews, "Green Lantern" opened well during midnight screenings. (Deadline)

Oprah Winfrey is a girl with a dream -- a dream to get O.J. Simpson to confess murder to her. (Los Angeles Times)

The hippest ads around these days are for ... laundry detergent? (New York Times)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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