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Litigation chronology

June 24, 2011

Key events in the legal battle swirling around the Bridges:

August 1997: Home builder Lennar Corp. and developer Nicolas Marsch III form a partnership to develop a luxury golf community, the Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe.

December 2006: Marsch's Briarwood Capital sues Lennar for fraud and breach of contract. Two months later, Lennar countersues.

July 2008: Marsch writes to Lennar directors, threatening to expose "dirty little secrets" if they don't settle with him. Lennar sues Marsch, alleging extortion.

January 2009: Ex-con fraud investigator Barry Minkow, hired by Marsch, accuses Lennar of widespread fraud. Lennar shares drop 20%. Lennar revises suit to accuse Minkow and Marsch of libel and extortion.

February 2010: Marsch and Briarwood file for bankruptcy protection.

July 2010: Rejecting Marsch's claims, a judge orders Briarwood to pay Lennar $53.9 million.

March 30, 2011: Minkow pleads guilty to conspiring to manipulate Lennar's stock, agrees to cooperate with the government.

July 7, 2011: Minkow is scheduled to be sentenced.

Source: Times research

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