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A Night Out With … Malin Akerman

March 04, 2011|By Matt Donnelly, Los Angeles Times
  • Actress Malin Akerman
Actress Malin Akerman (Stephen Lovekin, Getty…)

The bubbly and bright Malin Akerman manages a good night on the town despite a hectic work schedule, and won't you come along with her? The star of "The Proposal" and "Watchmen" likes a mix of high- and lowbrow fare, demands the best bolognese and loves a good margarita.

Any interesting rituals before you hit the town?

Always put on your favorite music while getting ready! At the moment mine is either the Black Keys or Florence + the Machine.

Where do you kick off the night?

El Carmen [8138 W. 3rd St.] is a great little Mexican bar. Really cool style, and you can't go wrong with a good margarita. Firefly [11720 Ventura Blvd.] is really nice too, more laid back. It's like being in someone's library.

Your ideal dinner spot?

Chateau Marmont [8221 W. Sunset Blvd.]. Great ambience out in the garden, and it's secluded and romantic and has really great food. The spaghetti bolognese is a must!

What clubs or after-dinner spots are you into right now?

Soho House [9200 W. Sunset Blvd.] is great if you're a member or know someone who is. The view is incredible, and they always have good music. Otherwise, Bardot [1737 N. Vine St.] is great. They sometimes have live performances by random singers (Florence Welch, Natasha Bedingfield) who will get up and sing a cover song with the house band. It's so much fun!

Let's talk dive bars.

The White Horse Inn [1532 N. Western Ave.] has a pool table, and the bartender offers hot dogs on toothpicks and popcorn. It's amazing! Also, not so divey but definitely not stuck up is Rainbow Bar & Grill [9015 W. Sunset Blvd.]. There's always great rock music blaring from the speakers.

The best spots for date night?

Little Door [8164 W. 3rd St.]. It's a French place that's hidden and romantic, garden setting with candlelight. Your date will definitely be swept away!

Dives and dates aside, what's the best spot for late-night eating (fourth meal)?

Mel's Drive-In [8585 W. Sunset Blvd]. Open 24 hours [on the weekends], it has great burgers and good people watching.

For the guy's girl, what's the ideal sports bar?

Goal [8334 W. 3rd St.]. It has the best fried foods!

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