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Your Scene: Icicles in Lake Arrowhead

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March 08, 2011
  • Icicles cover the guardrail and a telescope at Lake Arrowhead.
Icicles cover the guardrail and a telescope at Lake Arrowhead. (Kathleen Parris )

Times reader Kathleen Parris took this photo while visiting Lake Arrowhead with her husband, Greg, to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. The telescope and guardrail in this photo are a little more frost-covered than I'd expect, even for Lake Arrowhead in February. Fortunately, Parris provided a second photo to shed light on this curious sight.

"Choppy waters and cold weather combined to form these icicles along the railing near the Lake Arrowhead docks," Parris says.

Mystery solved.

Lake Arrowhead is in San Bernardino County about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. In winter, visitors have access to nearby ski resorts. Summer activities include hiking and camping.

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-- Jason La

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