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Letters: A big letdown for UCLA

Fans not expecting Bruins to go far after laying an egg against the Ducks.

March 12, 2011
  • Oregon forward Joevan Catron tries to split the defense of UCLA forward Tyler Honeycutt, left, and center Joshua Smith on a drive in Thursday night's Pac-10 tournament quarterfinal game at Staples Center.
Oregon forward Joevan Catron tries to split the defense of UCLA forward… (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles…)

Wooden Country has become How-Land. As in, how to awaken in time for the first half. Or, in the case of Oregon, the second half as well. How to improve enough to compete with basement teams. And how to meld a pack of NBA prospects into a consistent basketball team.

Donald Beard



To the UCLA basketball players: With your loss to Oregon in the Pac-10 tournament, you have managed to let your school down, let your coaches down and let your fans down. Coach Howland has done a spectacular job in shaping you into a team that deserves respect and a decent seeding in the Big Dance. You threw that all away Thursday night because of your "Got this one in the bag" attitude as a team.

Fortunately you have a chance at redemption. Hopefully you have all learned a valuable lesson from this loss and will show the nation how good you can be. I guess we will soon find out.

Mike Popov

San Clemente


For three years, Coach Howland had his teams woefully unprepared for games in the Final Four. Sensing all Bruins fans' frustration in waiting all the way until the end of the Madness, he now has his team woefully unprepared for the Pac-10 tournament. So thoughtful.

Bruce Kahn


Heat check

After the Lakers lost to the Heat on Thursday, Kobe spent an hour after the game working on his shooting. I think that time would've been better served working on his passing.

Kevin Marshall



Can you please reprint all the letters that favored trading Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony, including Plaschke's? These folks are not allowed back on the bandwagon!

Vincent Martinez



Classic examples of the best deals are the deals not made (or even considered) and you can't win consistently without a good big man in the middle. If the Lakers can continue their intensity level on team defense and Bynum his stellar play the Lakers will roll even further ... all the way to June.

Paul Shubunka Sr.

Santa Clarita


Hold the Bynum worship down until he shows consistent quality in his performance. He's had spurts before of great effect and great irrelevance. These are not the building blocks of a Lakers deity to me. T.J. Simers and his cohorts are like children with attention deficit disorder.

Michael E. White


Throwing like girls

Bill Plaschke's column on pitchers Marti Sementelli and Ghazaleh Sailors took me back to a time in the late 1960s. As I was blessed with an uncanny ability to throw strikes, my brother's Little League coach suggested I cut my hair and step out on the mound for the team. In my day, girls were not allowed to play Little League, let alone become starting pitchers in a high school game. Fortunately for me, my parents encouraged my athletic endeavors, a love I carry to this day.

Caps off to Marti and Ghazaleh for throwing strikes against inequity, and pitching through a gender barrier. I wish them the best on every playing field they dare to dream.

Jeanine D'Elia

Granada Hills


Bill, I cannot thank you enough for your article about the two female high school baseball pitchers. My sons were so inspired they hope to try out for the girls' softball team next year.

Greg Gose


NCAA stuff

Belmont, Morehead State, Old Dominion, St. Peter's and Wofford. Just wondering if anyone knows which conference these schools are in or can locate them on a map. And between them all, there is not one top-25 vote during the year.

But here they are in the NCAA tournament as conference champions. And that is why the NCAA basketball championship deserves the credit for a tournament that lets the champion win the crown on the basketball court, and not by pollsters picking who should play.

Barry Levy



Now that Coach Sweater Vest has quasi-admitted wrongdoing at The Ohio State University, I wonder how long it will take before the NCAA figures it out as well.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks

Brain freeze

No slight intended to our ancestors, but the Neanderthals who run the NHL continue to take the game I love and destroy it day by day with their decisions.

Documented brain damage suffered in fights by the late Bob Probert is dismissed as the cost of doing business. Superstar Sidney Crosby, the face of the league whose skill with the puck rivals Kobe's exploits with a ball, has been out of action for more than two months because of consecutive blows to the head, yet neither player who hit him had to miss a game. And this week Boston's Zdeno Chara intentionally drove his opponent's head into a glass partition resulting in a severe concussion and fractured vertebrae, but once again no suspension or precedent was set.

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