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Clippers' Eric Gordon makes a couple of points

Guard describes the differences between former backcourt partner Baron Davis and the new one, Mo Williams.

March 16, 2011|By Lisa Dillman
  • Mo Williams (pictured) and Baron Davis have different playing styles, Eric Gordon says.
Mo Williams (pictured) and Baron Davis have different playing styles,… (Mark L. Baer / U.S. Presswire )

Eric Gordon has been busy watching college basketball in person during his injury-induced layoff, but he turned to another sport, using a baseball analogy to describe the differences between his old point guard, Baron Davis, and the incumbent, Mo Williams.

Gordon could return to the court Saturday and it may be against Davis, who will be playing his first game at Staples Center since the Clippers traded him and a future first-round pick to Cleveland for Williams and Jamario Moon last month.

"They're different. Baron was more of guy who liked to bring it down, almost for the home run type of guy," Gordon said. "He was a really good passer. He's a guy who would go for the home run. They are two different players. He [Williams] is more of a catch-and-shoot [player]. Baron is more creative."

He wouldn't go so far to stay with the baseball theme when asked whether Williams was a singles hitter.

"Well, no he's a guy …he just lets everybody do what they do," Gordon said. "Baron, you had to have him accountable to make sure he plays well. Because he has to do a little bit of scoring, a little bit of passing and whatever he needed to do.

"With Baron, you just never know. That's why I said home run. He might take the last shot. He likes making the last play."

Now Gordon knows the ball, more than likely, will be in his hands coming down the court on the last play. Of course, the problem has been keeping him on the court, in games, during the second half of this season because of a variety of injuries. He reinjured his problematic right wrist when he fell on it in the second quarter against Denver on March 5.

That has kept him out for the last six games, which included the Clippers' game against Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Gordon has been doing more and more each day and should be able to fit in a couple of practices before Saturday.

"Range of motion has always been pretty good," he said of the wrist. "It's just the pain level because I hit directly on it. It's just the pain level where I can get back to shooting.

"I'm still going to play with a brace on my finger the rest of the year. I'd say it's very minor now. It was nothing like last time. Last time there was a lot of swelling."

Said Coach Vinny Del Negro: "Eric and Mo have only had one practice and a game and a half together. So it takes long than that to get some chemistry down with DeAndre [Jordan], Blake [Griffin] and Chris [Kaman] and everyone involved."

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