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Birth control options: Statistics

March 18, 2011

An estimated 62 million U.S. women are in their childbearing years. Of those, 62% use some kind of contraception.

Among those who don't, 31% are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, postpartum, sterile or not sexually active. The other 7% take their chances. Among those using contraceptives, here's what they use:

The pill 28%

Sterilization 27.1%

Condom 16.1%

Vasectomy 9.9%

IUD 5.5%

Withdrawal 5.2%

Injectable Depo-Provera 3.2%

Vaginal ring 2.4

Rhythm 0.9

Other: 0.6

Statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Guttmacher Institute.

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