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Quotes from around the NBA

Charlotte's Paul Silas, Cleveland's Byron Scott and others are highlighted.

March 19, 2011
  • Charlotte Coach Paul Silas says he is excited about the progress of center Kwame Brown.
Charlotte Coach Paul Silas says he is excited about the progress of center… (Jeff Siner / Charlotte Observer…)

Watch out for fans with cakes

Charlotte Coach Paul Silas, on Kwame Brown, who averaged 9-9 and shot 54% in January, before sliding to 7-7 and 42% since:

"I'm so excited for him. He's been much maligned in this league. Now he's playing up to his potential."

And it helps if one is Durant

Cleveland Coach Byron Scott, on emulating Oklahoma City's rebuilding program:

"You've got to admire the way they've done it, no doubt about that. It's nothing that's going to happen overnight. That's the fantasyland when you think it's going to happen in a year. People have to be patient with that."

Analyst of the year candidate

NBA-TV's Kevin McHale on Washington's JaVale McGee hanging on the rim and completing a triple-double:

"You're down 20 and you get a triple-double? I'm not impressed. Don't show me that highlight again, I'm all done with that. That's terrible. Oh my goodness, he was shooting four feet over the basket and dribbling it out of bounds trying to get a triple-double."

Analyst of the year candidate

TNT's Charles Barkley, on the Knicks' ticket hike for next season:

"That was a disgrace, a flat-out disgrace.... I understand that all these guys are trying to make money, but 50% is a little extreme. Let me rephrase that, a lot extreme."

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