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Private L.A. business clubs at a glance

March 20, 2011

Clubs at a glance

California Club

Address: 538 S. Flower St.

Founded: 1887

Current membership: About 1,100

Peak membership: 1,275 with a waiting list

Prominent members, past and present: Gaylord Wilshire, William Mulholland, Norman Chandler, Richard J. Riordan


Jonathan Club

Address: 545 S. Figueroa St.

Founded: 1895

Current membership: 3,600

Peak membership: Unknown

Prominent members, past and present: Henry E. Huntington, Sam Yorty, Peter O'Malley


Los Angeles Athletic Club

Address: 431 W. 7th St.

Founded: 1880

Current membership: 3,900 (combined Athletic Club and Yacht Club)

Peak membership: 5,000

Prominent members, past and present: Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Tom Gilmore, Cedd Moses


City Club on Bunker Hill

Address: 333 S. Grand Ave. (Wells Fargo Center, 54th floor)

Year founded: 1989

Current membership: About 1,000

Peak membership: 1,300

Prominent members, past and present: Tom Bradley, Yvonne Burke, Lance Ito

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