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Fast Track: 'The Hobbit' is on its way

March 21, 2011

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Monday:

After many delays and a change of directors, "The Hobbit" is finally underway. (Los Angeles Times)

Bob Geldof says your music stinks, Ben Weasel gets in a fight, and Snoop Dogg pays tribute to Nate Dogg (no relation): All the highlights from the just-ended SXSW 2011. (Los Angeles Times)

Wyclef Jean was shot in the hand while campaigning for a Haitian presidential candidate. (Associated Press)

Jodie Foster is planning to direct a sci-fi movie next. (Los Angeles Times)

The WGA and the studios have a three-year contract. Much less drama this time. (Los Angeles Times)

You won't have "Big Love" to kick around anymore. (Los Angeles Times)

Are the days numbered for "All My Children"? (Deadline)

Stephen King could be writing an upcoming episode of "The Walking Dead." (Hollywood Reporter)

It's possible that Arnold Schwarzenegger could be coming back not to the big screen, but the puny little television screen. (Hollywood Reporter)

Do we need subtitles for English movies now? (SlashFilm)

Rachel Uchitel, Tiger Woods' former mistress, is becoming a private eye. (New York Post)

Box-office-wise, "Mars Needs Moms" is really stinking up the room. (Movieline)

Sammy Hagar says he was once abducted by aliens. (Reuters)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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