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Fast Track: Chris Brown rampages after 'GMA' appearance

March 22, 2011
  • Chris Brown went on a rampage after being asked a question about Rihanna on "Good Morning America."
Chris Brown went on a rampage after being asked a question about Rihanna… (Peter Kramer/Associated…)

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Tuesday

Singer Chris Brown goes ballistic after "Good Morning America" appearance. (Los Angeles Times)

Kirstie Alley danced like crazy on the premiere of "Dancing With the Stars." (Los Angeles Times)

Now it's Michael Lohan's turn to spend the night in jail. (Los Angeles Times)

Last year, Chinese box office was $1.5 billion. Pirated DVDs raked in $6 billion. (Los Angeles Times)

Martin Sheen says Charlie is "emotionally crippled."Duh! Winning! (Los Angeles Times)

Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch is openly discussing James Franco's lack of hosting skills. (Los Angeles Times)

It turns out "Survivor" isn't so great for the islands it visits. (Los Angeles Times)

Is Glenn Beck looking to create his own media empire? (Huffington Post)

Lady Gaga's hair is falling out. (People)

Dick Cheney's life may become the basis of an HBO miniseries. (Wall Street Journal)

Did you like the "Big Love" finale? Bill Paxton sure didn't. (Hollywood Reporter)

These movie titles have been turned into math equations. Can you figure them out? (SlashFilm)

"Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" has surpassed " Michael Jackson: This Is It" as the most successful concert movie at the box office. (Billboard)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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