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Fast Track: Elizabeth Taylor, R.I.P.

March 23, 2011
  • The oft-married Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at age 79.
The oft-married Elizabeth Taylor has passed away at age 79. (Reuters )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday.

Elizabeth Taylor has died. (Los Angeles Times)

Here's a look back at Taylor's life and career, in words and pictures. (Los Angeles Times)

Showtime decides it doesn't want to stream its original shows on Netflix anymore. (Los Angeles Times)

We all know movie theater popcorn is really bad for you, but theater owners would rather not display that fact. (Los Angeles Times)

Mickey Rourke now appears to be on track to make his 85th comeback. (Los Angeles Times)

Report: "No chance" of Charlie Sheen returning to "Two and a Half Men." (TMZ)

"GMA's" Robin Roberts says Chris Brown knew the Rihanna questions were coming. (Huffington Post)

Good news for "Mad Men" fans: Matthew Weiner's deal is nearly set. Bad news: The new season will still be delayed. (Hollywood Reporter)

Do you have a voice that annoys people? You could have a future as the Aflac duck. (Yahoo News)

"General Hospital" killed off a 4-year-old on the show, and the fans hate it. (NY Post)

Christina Aguilera has joined Twitter. How long before the cyber-abuse begins? (Pink Is the New Blog)

The music business may be in the dumps, but Rebecca Black is making out like a bandit. (Forbes)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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