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A Night Out With … Trevor Donovan

Wacky nights at 7-Eleven, the neighborhood sushi joint and the Parlor.

March 25, 2011|By Matt Donnelly
  • Trevor Donovan
Trevor Donovan (Hama Sanders, Hama Sanders )

A Night Out With ...Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan is a blue-eyed, handsome scamp best known for playing Teddy on the CW's "90210." Teenage Angelenos of the female variety would compare him to a young Brad Pitt when not busy shrieking, and his character's coming out has considerably raised the actor's profile. Don't waste your time counting abdominal muscles, however; let this young man show you how to paint the town red.

Any rituals at home before you hit the town?

I hop on my right leg three times, spin around, open a book, get through 20 pages or so, play my guitar, then fall asleep and end up not going out at all.

When you manage to get out, what's the perfect place for starter drinks or appetizers?

The closest 7-Eleven for mini liquor bottles and those delicious rotating hot dogs. If not there, then the Sunset Tower Hotel [8358 W. Sunset Blvd.].

Your ideal Los Angeles dinner spot, and why?

STK [755 N. La Cienega Blvd.]. It's very delicious, and my friend Jonathan Segal owns it.

Now we know who to ask for. What about your current favorite night life venues and why?

I'm a complete wild man. Sometimes I'll see a movie in the Cinedome at the ArcLight instead of the regular theater.

You young actors and your fast lifestyles. Favorite dive bar?

If the Drunken Clam from "Family Guy" was real, it would be that place. But it isn't, so sometimes I'll get a bottle, a paper bag and hang out in the alley behind the Directors Guild. (Totally kidding.)

Then how would you impress a lady with the perfect L.A. spot for a date?

This little sushi joint nearby called Kura Sushi [8162 W. Sunset Blvd.]. They greet me every time I come in. I feel like Norm from "Cheers."

Best place for late-night eating?

Gum, or I bite on my cheek. I don't eat past 10 p.m.

That's commitment. Best sports bar?

The Parlor [7250 Melrose Ave.]. No joke.

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