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Trio: Stars of film noir

Film noir stars Charles McGraw, Audrey Totter and Lawrence Tierney made their mark in such classics as 'The Killers,' 'Lady in the Lake' and 'Dillinger,' respectively.

March 28, 2011
  • Lawrence Tierney has the perfect look for the era.
Lawrence Tierney has the perfect look for the era. (RKO )

Charles McGraw

The gravely voiced actor, who died in 1980 at age 66, played a hit man in the 1946 noir classic "The Killers" and went on to appear in such noir hits as 1950's "Armored Car Robbery, 1951's "Roadblock" and the 1952 classic "The Narrow Margin."

Audrey Totter

Totter, now 92, made her film debut in 1945's "Main Street After Dark" and excelled in numerous film noirs, including Robert Montgomery's 1947 version of "Lady in the Lake" and "High Wall," which opens the "Noir City" festival.

Lawrence Tierney

As tough and dangerous in person as on the screen, Tierney became a star in 1945's "Dillinger" and went on to star in such noirs as 1947's "Born to Kill" and "The Devil Thumbs a Ride." His last major film role was in the 1992 hit "Reservoir Dogs." He died in 2002 at age 82.

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