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Fast Track: Bill Murray as FDR?

March 30, 2011
  • Bill Murray, who played a character in the 1930s in "Get Low," may be going back there again to play President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Bill Murray, who played a character in the 1930s in "Get Low,"… (Sam Emerson / Sony Pictures…)

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Wednesday.

Bill Murray is reportedly set to play FDR. Will he give Hitler a dreaded noogie? (New York magazine)

Rupert Murdoch keeps it all in the family by naming son James deputy COO of News Corp. (Los Angeles Times)

Movie attendance is down 20% this year. Why? Bad movies. (Los Angeles Times)

Jason Segal says the new Muppet movie will feature four new songs and cost more than "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." (Los Angeles Times)

The FCC has finally figured out that local TV stations sometimes air fake news -- and they're cracking down. (Los Angeles Times)

Is Jason Jones leaving "The Daily Show" for the CBS pilot "The Assistants?" Nooooo! (Deadline)

"Real Housewives of Toronto" casting is underway. Good to know Canadians can be just as shallow and completely awful as Americans. (Hollywood Reporter)

Will George Clooney have to testify at Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's sex trial? (Wall Street Journal)

County attorney suggests Willie Nelson sing as punishment for a pot bust; judge says "No way!" (New York Times)

Not even the prospect of naked Kate Winslet and Evan Rachel Wood can entice viewers to watch HBO's "Mildred Pierce." (New York Post)

Carson Daly flips out after Britney Spears' people request he pre-record an interview with her and submit the tapes for approval and editing. (The Prophet Blog)

Oprah reportedly wants to end her 25-year run by giving Donald Trump a makeover (New York Post)

James Garner will publish a memoir in November, "The Garner Files." Los Angeles Times)

--Patrick Kevin Day

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