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Fast Track: 'Top Chef' crowns an all-star

March 31, 2011
  • Final contestants Michael Isabella, left, and Richard Blais on "Top Chef: All Stars."
Final contestants Michael Isabella, left, and Richard Blais on "Top… (Bravo )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Thursday.

Richard Blais is the new "Top Chef" All Star. (Los Angeles Times)

The Church of Scientology is reportedly interested in buying KCET's studios. Will it become K-LRON? (Los Angeles Times)

HBO viewers have had enough of other people's problems -- the channel has canceled "In Treatment." (Los Angeles Times)

Craving your "Mad Men" fix? Jon Hamm is filling part of his downtime with an L.A. stage performance. (Los Angeles Times)

"Hop" has 92 promotional partners. Why can't you be more like "Hop," Matt Weiner? (Pop Eater)

Will Arnett is starring in a new pilot with Christina Applegate, which probably means he won't be "The Office's" new boss. (Entertainment Weekly)

We've had competing asteroid and volcano pictures. Now it's time for competing Gertrude Bell biopics. Taste the excitement! (Slash Film)

"Justified," "The Pacific" and "The Good Wife" are among the Peabody Award winners. (Los Angeles Times)

A fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie is already in the works. (Associated Press)

Kim Cattrall went on a verbal rampage against reporters at the premiere of her new movie. (Huffington Post)

Arnold Schwarzenegger's first post-elected office career move is to launch a "Governator" TV series and comic book. Really, Arnold? (Los Angeles Times)

Edward Norton got engaged, and ex-girlfriend Courtney Love makes snarky comments. (Pop Eater)

Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen are reportedly working on a single together. Finally, something to hate more than "Friday." (Billboard)

-- Patrick Kevin Day

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