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4: DALLAS 122, LAKERS 86

Divided, they just get lost

With embarrassing sweep out of the playoffs by Dallas, they have seen the enemy, and it is them. And, going forward, they have no coach, no bench and little money to get better quick.

May 09, 2011|BILL PLASCHKE

In the end, nobody should have been more embarrassed than Andrew Bynum, who threw a dangerous right elbow into a flying Jose Barea moments after Odom's cheap shot, knocking the little guard to the ground and resulting in another ejection. Bynum further shamed himself and the franchise by tearing off his jersey before he left the court, and I have just one question.

Are you sure the Lakers were better off not trading him? I have been ridiculed for this stance by folks who are suddenly very quiet about it now. I'm not wavering. I believe that if the Lakers want to win a championship while Bryant is still mobile and Gasol is still young, they need the kind of top point guard or scorer that Bynum can bring in a deal.

In the meantime, Lakers fans must spend the l-o-o-o-ng summer haunted by memories of plays such as the one early in the third quarter Sunday that typified their collapse, Artest's racing down for an open layup that could have possibly changed the momentum.

It was blocked by the rim.

The two-time defending champion Lakers were dethroned by their toughest opponent, that dysfunctional group known as the two-time defending champion Lakers.

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