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Letters: Anything new with the Lakers?

Season ends with a whimper, but readers have the last word.

May 13, 2011
  • Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after the center was ejected for a flagrant foul in the fourth quarter of Game 4 on Sunday in Dallas.
Lakers forward Ron Artest (15) escorts Andrew Bynum off the court after… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

Well, at least the Lakers went out graciously.

Andrew Sacks



When two Lakers are walking off the court, and the one who is shirtless and has been ejected for an immature, violent foul that would make a WWE actor blush is not Ron Artest, your team and league are in trouble.

Siena Nastri

Los Angeles


The Mavericks dominated so completely while quickly eliminating their opponent with precision in the NBA Western Conference semifinals, the only question left is whether or not President Obama will release any gruesome photos of the Lakers' championship aspirations.

Richard Turnage



Phil told us at the beginning of this season that this would be his "Last Stand." Was he sending us a Zen message that he would be Custer?

David Waldowski

Alta Loma


It was difficult finding that vaunted switch to flip when the Lakers seemingly lost their way playing in the dark.

Julie Chang

West Hills


Now that the Lakers are out of contention for another NBA title, I was wondering who the L.A. fans are going to miss seeing until next season; the two Lakers thugs with their shameless display of poor sportsmanship in Dallas or the thugs outside of Staples Center who always seem to appear after a championship win and who destroy the surrounding neighborhood ?

Art Hernandez

San Dimas


Perhaps the saddest part of the Lakers demise was watching Magic Johnson acting like he had been personally offended by their poor play. He called out Bynum and Odom, justifiably, but his recommendation to "blow it all up" was thoughtless and embarrassing. Imagine if Jerry Buss had "blown it all up" after Magic's Lakers were swept out by Moses Malone and his 76ers in 1983, threw the series away to the Celtics in 1984, or were astonishingly taken down in five by the Houston Rockets in 1986!

Frank Shapiro



Magic should be the last guy criticizing on court behavior during the playoffs. Nobody in Los Angeles is proud of the sportsmanship shown late in Game 4 by Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom but we weren't too thrilled either when Earvin planted a kiss on Isiah Thomas seconds before tipoff of an NBA Finals against the Pistons.

Larry Yells

Hermosa Beach


Shame on you guys. You lose miserably four straight to a better team and all you can do is act out and embarrass your team, yourselves, and the game.

Andrew, there is nothing "manly" about your foul or your apology. Ron, you really haven't come very far from your Indianapolis days, have you? Lamar, maybe you should spend some more time on your reality TV show with Khloe.

Stephen Cooper

Hidden Hills


I'll admit that I don't understand pro basketball, but when a college basketball team tanks, they fire the coach. How come when the Lakers tank, Phil Jackson goes off with high praise?

Martin A. Brower

Corona del Mar


Phil Jackson owes a Lakers a great deal for their performance in Game 4. With their complete lack of effort and classless response they made it exceptionally easy for Phil to say goodbye.

Bruce Kahn



Now that Phil gets to enjoy his well-deserved retirement, the Lakers can quit drafting the tall (slow) guards that Phil favored and get a small (fast) guard who can get into the lane to either feed one of the bigs or finish at the rim (see Chris Paul/Jose Barea).

Also scrap the triangle, since Kobe doesn't run it anyway. As long as Kobe is on the Lakers there will always be "trust" issues.

Russell Hosaka



Coach Jackson, I'm speaking for every Lakers fan when I say that you deserve a better sendoff. Give us one more year, and we will give you one more ring.

Tamra Donald



If we learned anything from all the years watching Phil Jackson, it's don't panic. Lakers fans should take this to heart and stop running around like the sky is falling. A few referee calls here and few bounces of the ball there and the Dallas series easily could have been tied or better. The Lakers have three or four of the most skilled players in the league and will come into next year with a hunger that they haven't had in years.

Amanda Metalsky

Redondo Beach


Phil Jackson won the most NBA championships of any coach in league history and his five titles in Los Angeles are the most by any Lakers coach. He did it all with a slightly lopsided grin, some Zen philosophy, and an extensive knowledge of the game and what it takes to win. His mentor, Red Holzman, laid the foundation for him and Jackson took it to another level. Sure, he had great players along the way, but he was always able to mold them into a cohesive team. Let's face it, anyone who can coach Dennis Rodman has got to know what he's doing. We were lucky to have Jackson here. Every true Lakers fan should wish him the best.

Charles Reilly

Manhattan Beach


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