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Letters: Who will fill Phil Jackson's shoes with Lakers?

More reaction on the Lakers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Frank McCourt and the Dodgers.

May 20, 2011
  • Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson talk strategy during Game 4 of their Western Conference semifinal playoff series against the Dallas Mavericks.
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson talk strategy during Game 4 of… (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles…)

Please, oh please, Bill Plaschke, convince the Lakers of your wisdom in hiring Jeff Van Gundy. It would be a blessing to those of us who are tired of hearing his sanctimonious, holier-than-thou comments delivered with disdain about the shortcomings of and mistakes made by players. It would also relieve us of hearing the same comment made three times over, as if we weren't savvy enough to have grasped the message the first time it was pronounced from the pulpit.

I'd give a bundle to be present the first time he talked to Bryant in that tone of voice.

John Snyder

Newbury Park


What was Bill Plaschke munching on when he wrote about watching Jeff Van Gundy's recent NBA playoff telecast comments and that Van Gundy had become "America's NBA coach"?

America's NBA coach? What an insult to all the great coaches in the league.

The most respected franchise in the NBA needs a respected leader, winner and up-tempo style coach, not another overhyped, ex-coach TV analyst.

Van Gundy should stick with TV: He obviously convinced Plaschke that he has what it takes, but he hasn't convinced the 30 NBA owners and GMs.

Mario Palladini



I don't know why we're discussing potential head coaches for the Lakers given there likely won't even be a season next season because NBA owners are a bunch of rich, stuck-up stupid people.

OK, Dr. Buss isn't stuck up or stupid and Mark Cuban, who will have the market on conceit cornered once Donald Trump dies, is not stupid either. However, the rest of the owners along with those in the NFL are a bunch of idiots if they're going to throw away a season.

That said, I thought Doc Rivers, who is no longer available, might finally bring some discipline to this undisciplined and unruly team. Doc's hand might have been a bit too heavy for a team used to Phil Jackson. So where's the happy medium?

If it wasn't for Kurt Rambis, my money would have been on Rick Adelman. Rambis had the misfortune of being an assistant coach to Phil Jackson, and as long as Jackson continued to coach the Lakers, Rambis wasn't going to get a shot at the head coaching job.

There's no excuse now and I don't think Minnesota would put up much of a fuss if Rambis were to ask for a release from his contract to return to Los Angeles.

Michael Solomon

Canoga Park


The Lakers reportedly are interested in bring in Rick Adelman as coach. Imagine that, a Lakers coach who overachieves rather than underachieves.

Tyler Drohan



What goes on in the mind of Bill Plaschke? He writes about a Pau Gasol look-alike? I mean (now, think Allen Iverson here) we're talking about a Pau Gasol look-alike! Instead of giving us some useful insight into the Lakers' collapse, he goes to Hollywood to interview a Gasol impersonator.

Wait a minute. I get it now. Plaschke was attempting satire. The story of the look-alike Gasol was Bill's clever way of impugning the poor performance in the playoffs of the real Pau Gasol. Pure genius at work.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks


Pau Gasol is the Lakers' problem? When Shaq was a Laker, Kobe and the team won championships. In 2004, the trade occurred. Shaq was gone and Lamar was in. At that time, and for the next four years, the Lakers were a marginal ..500 team. Nothing special at all save for Kobe's scoring average. Enter Pau Gasol in 2008. Now, Kobe and the team are winning championships again. Is this so hard to understand? Go ahead and dump Pau, and keep the aging and unmotivated Kobe. Aside from more mediocre basketball, we'll get to watch as he routinely throws hissy fits, threatens Lakers management and usurps the new coach. Yeah, it's all Gasol's fault.

Dan Jensen

San Clemente


I am assuming that all those very unhappy Lakers fans who are outraged that their team did not bring home a third straight championship will not jump back on the bandwagon if the Lakers win another title next year. Yeah, right.

Ralph S. Brax


The Big Fella

Kareem, don't worry, you'll get over the way the Lakers have treated you in five years or so. That's about as long as it took my 10-year-old daughter to get over the way you treated her 25 years ago when she asked you for an autograph. Karma.

John Mark

Newport Beach


I personally do not need to see Kareem's scowling face at the Staples Center. His number is in the rafters where it rightfully belongs.

Howard J. Kern

Pacific Palisades


I don't blame Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for thinking he deserves a statue outside of Staples Center. I'm pretty sure all of the current players already have them. I know because I saw the statues on TV last week playing defense against Dallas.

Ben Browdy

Los Angeles


When it's all said and done, perhaps Kareem can erect his own statue in Frank's parking lot.

Howard Mationg


Singing the blues

Dear Dodgers,

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