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The characteristics of a good lineup

Major league managers consider a wide variety of factors when putting together a batting order. Here are some of the strengths they prize at each spot in the lineup.

May 23, 2011|By Gary Klein

Spot on

Qualities baseball managers look for when constructing a lineup (listed by position in batting order):

1. Good on-base %; speed.

2. Bat control; NL: bunter; AL: run producer.

3. Hits for average, extra-base power.

4. Hits for power, drives in runs.

5. Drives in runs, protects No. 4 hitter.

6. "Second cleanup hitter."

7. Any offense here a big plus.

8. NL: patience, discipline; AL: speed.

9. NL: good bunter; AL: Second leadoff man.

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