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Letters: What will Mike Brown do for Lakers?

The quick hiring, apparently orchestrated by Jim Buss, isn't a big hit with the readers.

May 27, 2011
  • Mike Brown's only head coaching experience was guiding the LeBron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers.
Mike Brown's only head coaching experience was guiding the LeBron… (Jonathan Daniel / Getty…)

Mike Brown is the single worst non-interim head coaching hire in Lakers history (Yes, I am aware of Randy Pfund). The Lakers will not only not win an NBA title under Brown, they will be lucky to make the conference finals. As we have seen for some time now with the Knicks, when rich dads let their incompetent sons run the team nothing good comes of it, and that will most definitely be the case here.

Hello, lottery — get ready for the Lakers.

Erik Schuman

Fountain Valley


I get the feeling this is the end of the Lakers era in Los Angeles.

No more Jack Nicholson at courtside. No more 18,997 at every game; more like 12,000. Certainly no more championships.

The great owner, Jerry Buss, has unaccountably turned this civic institution over to his son Jim Buss, who essentially has no experience in basketball, either as a player, coach or administrator.

It would take a person of extraordinary self assurance to pull this off, and I suspect Jim is not that person.

Al Sheahen

Sherman Oaks


Mike Brown preaches defense, which is all about effort and desire. Anyone notice a lack of those from the Lakers in the series against the Mavericks?

Bruce Kahn



Jim Buss says he hired Brown because of his expertise on defense. Does that mean the Lakers will be obtaining a quick, skillful point guard to defend the perimeter, an element that gave them so much trouble last season? If not, Brown might be the Einstein of NBA defense, but it won't matter.

Thomas Bailey

Long Beach


Bill Plaschke moans about the Lakers' hiring of Mike Brown despite Brown's success as an assistant with the championship Spurs, and his ability to squeeze out the most out of a very limited Cavaliers team. The declining Kobe Bryant and the almost totally ineffective Derek Fisher guarantee that the Lakers will be worse next year. Thus, Plaschke will have his "I told you so" moment. Is that fair to Mike Brown?

Jim Woodard

Woodland Hills


I was worried about the Mike Brown hire until Bill "I worship at the feet of Jeff Van Gundy" Plaschke came out against it. Now I think it's great. Plaschke's track record of being wrong practically all of the time guarantees the Lakers the next NBA championship.

Mitch Engel

Los Angeles


Was the rapid hiring of Mike Brown Jim Buss' way of asserting himself as the head honcho? Or is Brown the only guy they could find who, like Eric Spoelstra, would merely act like he is coaching the team?

Bud Chapman



Sorry, Mark Heisler, but the Laker problem is not Silver Spoon Jim Buss. It's his sister's "boy toy", Phil Jackson, the most overrated coach in the history of sports. His ability to motivate players is nonexistent and if not for self-motivating players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, he would have as many rings as his doomed-for-failure successor, Mike Brown.

When the Heat crushed the Lakers on Christmas Day, the Zen master said it was because his players don't like to play on Christmas. This is classic Jackson-speak for "I have rings and money and frankly don't really care." I can't wait to see whom he blames for the debacle against the Mavericks in his new book.

Gary Miller



Bill Plaschke recently wrote the following about the Lakers hiring Mike Brown as their next coach: "If the Lakers hire Brown as their next coach, it's a sign that the Buss family once again seems intent on conducting a coaching search as if they are smarter than everyone else."

They've won 10 NBA championships beginning in 1980. They are smarter than everyone else.

Jim Gillespie



I'm curious who in the Lakers' brain trust made the ultimate decision selecting Mike Brown.

1. Jerry Buss

2. Jim Buss

3. Jeanie Buss

4. Ralph Kramden

Howard Mationg



Brian Shaw will come to realize how fortunate that he did not get the Lakers' coaching job. Ask anyone who followed John Wooden how hard it is to follow a legend, especially when you inherit an aging team. Jim Buss actually did Shaw a favor.

Sol Bialeck

Van Nuys


If the praising of LeBron and the Heat doesn't light a fire under the Lakers next season, they're not the team I've loved all these years.

Joan Sales

San Luis Obispo

Fighting on

It's a shame the NCAA has seen fit to continue to punish USC, when in fact the guilty parties here are the agents and "marketing" people who induced Reggie Bush and family to violate their contract with the university, as well as Reggie himself. The university, the current members of the football team and coaching staff, as well as all of us fans, are the ones who are being punished. There is no justice here. How will the NCAA treat Auburn and Ohio State, who also have had similar and serious recent violations?

Bruce M. Jaffe

Los Altos


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