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The Times' college football rankings

Alabama and Louisiana State remain the top two teams heading into the showdown of 8-0 teams Saturday at Tuscaloosa.

November 02, 2011|Chris Dufresne
  • Alabama Coach Nick Saban leads his team on to the field to face Tennessee on Oct. 22. Alabama meets LSU in an Southeastern Conference showdown on Saturday.
Alabama Coach Nick Saban leads his team on to the field to face Tennessee… (Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images )

November begins with five undefeated contending teams … and Houston. The Cougars are unbeaten but might as well be on probation in terms of title eligibility. USC moves up to No. 19 after Saturday's triple-tantrum loss to Stanford. Lane Kiffin, who violated his own 24-hour rule for leaving a game behind by, oh, 127 hours, will cut a $10,000 fine check to the worthwhile charity: "Retired Pac 12 Officials' Home and Game Clock Rehabilitation Center." Big games this weekend that could affect next week's rankings: Louisiana Tech at Fresno State, Rice at Texas El Paso, Eastern Michigan vs. Ball State and Baton Rouge at Tuscaloosa.

1; Alabama 8-0; Saban celebrated 60th birthday Oct. 31 by scaring kids off his porch. (1)

2; Louisiana State 8-0; Sorry Les, only "HAT" welcome where you're headed is houndstooth. (2)

3; Stanford 8-0; Rankman reminds Luck to save his "Pick Six" plays for Santa Anita Park. (3)

4; Oklahoma State 8-0: Cowboys defense has created more turnovers this year than Pillsbury. (5)

5; Boise State 7-0; Word on street is school is about to hire a new schedule-strength coach. (4)

6; Oklahoma 7-1; After Texas Tech loss, it felt good to stretch out and pound somebody by 41 points. (8)

7; Oregon 7-1; Coach so bored with winning he decided to start a quarterback controversy. (7)

8; Arkansas 7-1; Only in BCS world could Hogs jump three spots after comeback win at Vanderbilt. (9)

9; Nebraska 7-1; Huskers moving through Big Ten schedule with a Rex Burkhead of steam. (13)

10; Virginia Tech 8-1; Check UPS tracking for fruitcake shipped to commemorate four-point win over Duke. (14)

11; Houston 8-0; At Alabama Birmingham on Saturday in BCS flyweight undercard to LSU-Alabama. (16)

12; South Carolina 7-1; Signs point toward another SEC title-game massacre versus West Division. (15)

13; Clemson 8-1; Defeat saves ACC awkwardness of champion losing title-game spot to Boise. (6)

14: Penn State (8-1); Famous ogre in Green Bay once said: "Ugly isn't everything, it's the only thing." (21)

15; Kansas State 7-1; Now called "Kansas Steak University" after being grilled by Oklahoma. (10)

16; Michigan State 6-2; Team from giant auto industry state never imagined being run over by Lincoln. (11)

17; Wisconsin 6-2; English comp professor tells class to go back and rewrite the last two endings. (12)

18; Arizona State 6-2; UCLA minion Max Headroom says 6-8 quarterback too tall to enter Rose Bowl tunnel. (19)

19; USC 6-2; Morley Safer says only Lane Kiffin could turn one second into a "60 Minutes" episode. (20)

20; Georgia Tech 7-2; Deli serving "ham on bye" sandwich between Clemson and Virginia Tech. (NR)

21; West Virginia 6-2; Players required to wear lawsuits and ties for remaining Big East games. (23)

22: Michigan 7-1; Wolverines have already matched last year's win total under coach Poor Rodriguez. (22)

23; Georgia 6-2; If Boise played Georgia's grueling schedule it would be hosting New Mexico State this week. (24)

24; Texas 5-2; Replay of 43-0 win over Kansas will be shown on Goose Egg Network. (25)

25; Auburn 6-3; Scraping Tigers out of top 25 tough as getting chewing gum off your shoe. (NR)

Dropped out: Texas A&M (17), Texas Tech (18).

Moved in: Georgia Tech, Auburn.

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