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Philadelphia mayor's Clinton endorsement a distant memory

November 03, 2011|By Peter Nicholas
(Barbara Kinney / Clinton…)

Reporting from Philadelphia — In politics, your friends today weren't necessarily your friends the day before. Just ask Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter.

In the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries, Nutter backed Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama. So did much of the Philadelphia political establishment, which had deep loyalties to Hillary's husband, the former president.

But Hillary lost and now Obama is president. No one seems to be holding a grudge. After all, who can afford the ill will? Obama needs Nutter's help if he is to win Pennsylvania in 2012. And Nutter's city can use all the federal aid it can get.

Nutter turned up at an Obama campaign event Wednesday night at the University of Pennsylvania.

Introducing him to a crowd of about 300 students was Aletheia Henry, head of the Obama campaign's Pennsylvania operation.

Henry described Nutter as "a man who has supported President Obama for years."

Well, for three years, anyway.

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