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Candy for dinner? Our Pantry Raid will give your diet an overhaul

November 08, 2011|By Jeannine Stein, Los Angeles Times / For the Booster Shots blog
  • Do you consider fried zucchini a good vegetable? Sign up for a Pantry Raid and let us help you improve your diet.
Do you consider fried zucchini a good vegetable? Sign up for a Pantry Raid… (Jay Directo / AFP/Getty…)

If your typical breakfast consists of leftover chocolate cake washed down with a swig of Coke, you may be a candidate for a nutritional makeover.

We're looking for volunteers to participate in our "Pantry Raid" series, in which we overhaul diets and give you practical suggestions for eating and cooking more healthfully. We'll come to your house with a registered dietitian, who will go through your refrigerator, freezer and cabinets and suggest ways to improve your eating habits. We'll also have a photographer on hand to document the process. We don't shame; we're only here to help.

You, the candidate, should be in the Los Angeles area (roughly the San Fernando Valley to Orange County) and be able tell us a little about your current diet and why it needs to be improved -- were you recently diagnosed as diabetic? Is your whole family gearing up for one big New Year's resolution? Let us know, along with your contact information. We're looking for singles, couples, roommates and families, and weight loss can but does not have to be a goal.

Email health writer Jeannine Stein at and we'll be in touch!

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