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The Times' college football rankings

Louisiana State is the new No. 1 team, while Stanford moves up to No. 2.

November 09, 2011|Chris Dufresne
  • LSU kicker Drew Alleman, front center, celebrates with teammates after kicking the winning field goal in the Tigers' 9-6 overtime victory over Alabama on Saturday.
LSU kicker Drew Alleman, front center, celebrates with teammates after… (Streeter Lecka / Getty Images )

There's a new No. 1 but this is really a fix-it week. We have Oregon back ahead of Oklahoma (duh), since Oregon's only loss was to Louisiana State and Oklahoma lost at home to Texas Tech. Why would Virginia Tech have been ahead of Clemson when Clemson won in Blacksburg, 23-3? It takes a real man to admit he was wrong — but in this case last week's rankings were almost certainly sabotaged by angry fans of unranked Southern Mississippi. Programming note: Virginia Tech (11) at Georgia Tech (20) sets up as a thriller, but Thursday night games on ESPN have been so bad this year the network is ready to cut in with "Heidi."

1; Louisiana State 9-0; Our defense, jambalaya and field goal kicker are better than yours. (2)

2; Stanford 9-0; Sorry, no tickets for this week's Oregon game: It's completely Palo sold Alto. (3)

3; Oklahoma State 9-0: Kim Kardashian thinks BCS computers' love of Cowboys will last only 72 days. (4)

4; Boise State 8-0; WAC champs host Texas Christian in Mountain West game featuring Big East and Big 12. (4)

5; Alabama 8-1; Sweet home lyric change: "Watergate doesn't bother me, but our field goal kickers do!" (1)

6; Oregon 8-1; To be consistent, the world should also be spared your possible rematch with LSU. (7)

7; Arkansas 8-1; Coaches challenge team to look past Tennessee and MSU toward showdown at LSU. (8)

8; Oklahoma 8-1; Must say star receiver Ryan Broyles' torn ACL almost rips your heart out. (8)

9; Houston 9-0; Rankman drove rental by nine-TD game in Birmingham to see 9-6 game in Tuscaloosa? (11)

10; Clemson 8-1; Not sure which division Tigers are winning. It's either Leaders or Legends. (13)

11; Virginia Tech 9-1; Tech Wars: Georgia Tech on Thursday with winner to face Trade Tech. (10)

12: Penn State (8-1); Paterno's retirement after 62 years is sad every which way you look at it. (14)

13; South Carolina 7-2; Shaping up as another could-have, should-have but didn't year. (12)

14; Kansas State 7-2; Look at it this way: You're now 1-1 this year in goal-line stands. (15)

15; Michigan State 7-2; Picked up two wins last week when you add yours with Michigan's loss. (16)

16; Wisconsin 7-2; Badgers have zero ranking in BCS computer component: That really bytes. (17)

17; USC 7-2; Trojans had great time night skiing Colorado's bunny slopes. (19)

18; Texas 6-2; Roger Clemens tells Longhorns, "Let's make this a November to misremember." (25)

19; Georgia 7-2; Controls own destiny in SEC East and maybe Boise's out West. (23)

20; Georgia Tech 7-2; Kids asked to wear "mellow yellow" jackets for "Tribute to Donovan Night." (20)

21; Nebraska 7-2; Received reminder the "N" in the Big Ten still stands for Northwestern. (9)

22: Michigan 7-2; If you lose at Illinois week after at Iowa you might consider playing at Idaho. (22)

23; Texas Christian 7-2; Roses are red, Boise is blue, we went to Pasadena instead of you. (NR)

24; Auburn 6-3; ESPN documentary examines bitter rivalry with some other school in Alabama. (25)

25; Cincinnati 7-1; Best team in the Big East, at least until San Diego State receives its invitation. (NR)

Dropped out: Arizona State (18), West Virginia (21).

Moved in: Texas Christian, Cincinnati.

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