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The costs of playing major-college sports

A look at the shortfalls student-athletes face at certain colleges.

November 16, 2011

The National College Players Assn. and the Ithaca College Graduate Program in Sport Management released a study in October 2010 suggesting that many full athletic scholarships fall short of the full cost of attendance. The numbers — which represent shortfalls for 2009 — show the average student-athlete faced $2,951 in expenses above his or her financial aid.


School; Conference; Shortfall

Northridge; Big West; $4,138

Irvine; Big West; $3,810

Fullerton; Big West; $3,800

Riverside; Big West; $3,746

UCLA; Pac-12; $3,443

Pepperdine; West Coast; $1,500

USC; Pac-12; $1,476*

(Athletic Director Pat Haden estimates the shortfall at $3,300.)

Associated Press football top 10

Rk.; School; Conference; Shortfall

Louisiana State; Southeastern; $2,870

Oklahoma State; Big 12; $4,250

Alabama; Southeastern; $3,065

Oregon; Pac-12; $2,412

Oklahoma; Big 12; $3,693

Arkansas; Southeastern; $2,968

Clemson; Atlantic Coast; $4,704

Stanford; Pac-12; $2,385

Virginia Tech; Atlantic Coast; $3,300

Boise State; Mountain West; $3,804

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