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Deeper cuts to state budget expected

Lower-than-forecast revenue means automatic reductions will likely kick in. A shorter K-12 school year could result.

November 17, 2011|By Anthony York and Nicholas Riccardi Los Angeles Times

The cuts will become official Dec. 15 if the projections don't improve, then be phased in over subsequent months. In September, Brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed the Legislature to reconfigure the cuts, saying it would be reckless to alter them. On Wednesday, Taylor said it would be "unwise" to do so.

A bevy of interest groups are trying to change them anyway.

Jean Hurst, a lobbyist with the California State Assn. of Counties, said her members would ask the administration to reconsider taking $72 million in juvenile lockup funds from them. She noted that the move would come as counties implemented Brown's "realignment" plan by keeping inmates who would have otherwise gone to prisons.

"To pull additional funds out of our base of safety services is a huge challenge," she said.

Social service advocates and unions representing home health workers vowed to sue to stop what they described as "devastating" cuts to services for the disabled. They joined labor groups and many Democrats in calling for tax hikes to be placed on the 2012 ballot to stave off more reductions.

Both university systems have said they believe they can absorb their potential cuts, though this year's austere budget led Cal State trustees to approve a 9% fee hike Wednesday.

Times staff writer Howard Blume in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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