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Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. demands apology from Rick Perry

October 06, 2011|By Kathleen Hennessey
(Zbigniew Bzdak, Chicago…)

Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. called on the House of Representatives to condemn Texas Gov. Rick Perry for his association with a hunting camp known by a racial epithet.

Jackson went to the floor Thursday to read from a resolution calling on the governor to apologize for not immediately "doing away with" a rock painted with the camp's name.

He called on other GOP presidential candidates to condemn the use of the word and said Perry should release the names of state lawmakers and others who attended hunting trips at the camp.

Perry should "condemn the use of this word as being totally offensive and inappropriate at anytime and anyplace in United States history,” Jackson said, reading from the resolution.

Jackson's resolution was deemed out of order, but was entered into the record.

The Washington Post reported on Sunday that Perry and his father had leased a camp known locally as "Niggerhead" and a rock placed outside the entrance was painted with the name. Perry's campaign said the rock was painted over soon after Perry's father leased the property, but the Post quoted sources seeming to contradict that account.

The governor said the word on the rock is "an offensive name that has no place in the modern world.”

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