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Senate blocks Obama's jobs bill

October 11, 2011|By Lisa Mascaro and Christi Parsons
  • Demonstrators from the Backbone Campaign, part of the Stop the Machine occupation of Freedom Plaza, unfurl banners Tuesday in front of the Capitol.
Demonstrators from the Backbone Campaign, part of the Stop the Machine… (Karen Bleier / AFP/Getty…)

Reporting from Washington and Pittsburgh — The Senate failed to advance President Obama's jobs package, as Democratic leaders are expected to begin carving the $447-billion package into individual proposals that may have a better chance at passage.

The Senate was still voting late Tuesday, but Democrats did not have enough votes to overcome a filibuster led by Republicans. Most Democrats supported the bill while all Republicans were voting to block it.

Senators rejected the legislation on various fronts. Republicans opposed spending more money to hire teachers or give workers tax breaks to spur the economy. Democrats largely rejected taxing the rich to pay for it.

A new surtax on millionaires was proposed to pay for the bill. The new 5.6% tax, which would take effect in 2013, would fully cover the cost of the jobs act.

Obama, meeting with members of his jobs council in Pittsburgh, acknowledged the White House would need to take a new approach.

"We're going to have to break it up," Obama said.

The Senate could begin taking up individual elements of the jobs package, possibly as soon as next week.

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