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'Beef, booze and broads': At the Plaza, it's pure Vegas, baby

October 27, 2011|By Mary Forgione | Los Angeles Times Daily Travel & Deal blogger
  • Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman in party-boy mode at the Bellagio earlier this month.
Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman in party-boy mode at the Bellagio earlier… (Steve Marcus / Las Vegas…)

Oscar Goodman, former Las Vegas mayor, mob lawyer and devout party boy, is lending his name to a new steakhouse opening in December at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on Fremont Street. The tagline the restaurant is reportedly considering: "Beef, booze and broads."

The "broads" refer to glamorous babes you can request at your table for dinner or drinks. A news release describes them as "an attractive concierge in evening attire."

Goodman gets irked when asked about the subtext of what dinner with a "broad" might lead to in Sin City.

"This is not going to be hookers, not going to be low-lifes," Goodman said in an interview. "It's your mind that's dirty."

Instead, the man who would be martini king says the idea is innocent fun, a kind of throwback to the 1960s when Caesars Palace featured hostesses dressed as goddesses.

Oscar's is set to open Dec. 15 inside the hotel's dome that overlooks Fremont Street. Goodman licensed his name for the restaurant but doesn't have a stake in the venture.

Goodman says the "broads" (and they may add men) will be beautiful and intelligent, versed in the stock market or football betting or places to visit in Las Vegas. Guests could invite a woman to their table and pay for her dinner and/or drinks -- as well as their own. That's it.

Tony Santo, president of Plaza operator Santo Gaming and PlayLV, says the concept of Oscar's is strictly for fun, something Vegas, and Goodman, are all about.

"What we want customers to come away with is, 'That was fun .... We had a good meal, we saw something different,' " Santo says. 

Oscar's steakhouse is part of an almost year-long renovation of rooms, common areas and restaurants at the Plaza, which reopened Sept. 1. It joins new eateries including Hash House a Go Go (described as "twisted farm food"), Island Sushi and Hawaiian Grill, Radio City Pizzeria and Zaba's Mexican Grill.

Goodman, recently named the official ambassador of Las Vegas in a $60,000-a-year deal with the city's tourism authority, said he probably would be at the restaurant to greet guests and "drink to my heart's content."

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