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Hawaii: Disney's Aulani offers many ways to chill out, cool down

September 11, 2011|By Brady MacDonald | Los Angeles Times staff writer

Next she sampled the six "rain" showers – each with varying flow levels. Her favorite: the mist shower with upward-spraying water jets.

The spa would have been a "freshwater heaven," as Laniwai translates in Hawaiian, if not for the guy conducting business on his cellphone while lounging near the vitality pool and the trash truck loudly loading a dumpster just beyond the wall of the outdoor garden.

Next door to Laniwai, Hannah got her first massage at the Painted Sky teen spa, which also offered facemasks, body polishes and a mix-your-own perfume bar. In the family section of the spa, girls as young as 5 can get their hair decorated with flowers and sprinkled with "pixie dust."

Hannah opted for the 25-minute chair massage ($50), which included her choice of lotions (she went with mango) as well as hot towels for the face and neck.

"She massaged my face, my arms, my legs, my feet and even my toes," Hannah said. "It was awesome."


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