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Letters: Split decision on Clayton Kershaw's inside pitch

The Dodgers' Cy Young candidate gets oohs and boos for his pitch to Gerardo Parra.

September 16, 2011

So AEG has hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on a stadium for a football team they do not own, but they are unwilling to spend a few million dollars to sign standout defenseman Drew Doughty for a hockey team they do own? I bet even Tim Leiweke couldn't spin that mind-boggling lack of commitment to the Kings' long-suffering fan base. But I am sure he will try.

Warren P. Knell

Manhattan Beach

Toledo oughtto thank him

I never thought I would say this, but Rick Neuheisel is making Bob Toledo look like John Wooden.

Paul Jeong


Oh brother, this is fiction

Chris Dufresne should resign and join his brother Andy in Zihuatanejo if he believes the Trojans are worthy of a No. 22 ranking. Expect to see Syracuse from a much-maligned Big East match them step for step in team speed, spelling doom for the secondary.

Kevin H. Park



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