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Fast Track: Tony Bennett slams 'Jersey Shore' stars

September 23, 2011
  • The cast members of MTV's "Jersey Shore."
The cast members of MTV's "Jersey Shore." (Mel Evans / Associated Press )

A roundup of entertainment headlines for Friday:

Tony Bennett calls "Jersey Shore" reality stars "morons and gangsters." (Los Angeles Times)

Katie Holmes is joining "How I Met Your Mother" as the iconic "Slutty Pumpkin." (Entertainment Weekly)

Frances Bean Cobain, the only child of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, is now a model. (Contact Music)

Speaking of models, Tyra Banks has written a young adult novel called "Modelland," and the star says it might get made into a movie. (Associated Press)

Soap fans mourn the end of "All My Children." (Los Angeles Times)

"The X Factor" falls flat with producers and stars of scripted shows, as well as in the ratings. (Los Angeles Times)

"24" star Kiefer Sutherland is returning to TV next spring in a Fox show called "Touch." (Los Angeles Times)

Nicole Richie turns 30 and celebrates with a swanky, grown-up party. (Los Angeles Times)

George Clooney calls Brad Pitt and Matt Damon "brutal" pranksters. (Parade)

"Moneyball" is up against two family films at the box office this weekend. Can Brad Pitt and baseball beat out lions or dolphins? (Los Angeles Times)

Review: Taylor Lautner is sweet, sensitive and sometimes shirtless in "Abduction." (Los Angeles Times)

Here's a first peek at Johnny Depp's "Dark Shadows." (Entertainment Weekly)

"Ghostbusters" is being re-released in theaters this October. (Los Angeles Times)

An Elton John biopic is on the way. (Deadline)

After battling bulimia, bipolar disorder and cutting, Demi Lovato is again in the spotlight with her new album "Unbroken." (Los Angeles Times)

Facebook's new "Timeline" and "Ticker" features pave the way for more music integration on the social networking site. (Los Angeles Times)

Moms are upset about the "Schweddy Balls" ice-cream flavor. (Jezebel)

-- Noelene Clark

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