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Not-so-foolish April Fool's gags

April 02, 2012|By Michelle Maltais
  • Fans set to stunned when they were taken by George Takei's Facebook post on April 1. Sorry, Sulu won't be graduating from the Enterprise to captain the Excelsior -- well, not just yet.
Fans set to stunned when they were taken by George Takei's Facebook… (Paramount Pictures )

Did you hear it? Cheers of elation that turned to "aw, man!" when people realized that there was no "Meh" button coming to Facebook, new"Star Trek" movie starring George Takei or GPS-enabled sippy cup for your kid. April Fool's gags, sure. But not bad ideas, really.

Takei's post got 80,544 likes, hundreds of reposts and blog entries with old-school Trekkies practically drooling with excitement.

He wrote: "The studio has acknowledged the fan enthusiasm for this concept ever since I appeared in command of the vessel in 'The Undiscovered Country.' J.J. Abrams will direct, with Robert Orci again writing the screenplay.... Also featured are Gilbert Gottfried (playing a wily Ferengi First Officer) and Lisa Lampanelli (as a Bajoran security officer)."

Maybe minus Gottfried and Lampanelli, that could be an interesting concept, Mr. Abrams. With the concept as described -- Sulu encounters Bajorans and Ferengi -- he'd have to work his time-space magic again. As one of the nearly 17,000 commenters noted: "Sounds fantastic....but the other two races dont show up till much later in star trek."

Taken fans would have happily used the next joke that could be turned into a good idea. TechCrunch posted that Facebook was going to add a Hate button.

"Other buttons under consideration are the 'Meh', 'Love', 'Who Cares', and '+11' but there is also a fear this could lead to a button explosion," the gag post read.

Think about the many times that "like" just doesn't cut it.  With the popularity of one-click opining, why not add other options? Maybe even TiVo-style thumbs up and down, more thumbs for emphasis. 

And, parents, what about that Click Lock GPS sippy cup from Munchkin?

Their Facebook post boasts you'll "Never lose another cup in the backseat of your car or the space under your couch. With our new Click Lock GPS cup, you can locate your little one's sippy in 60 seconds by downloading our My Sippy Cup Finder mobile app!"

Brilliant, right? Parents responded with elation and ideas for other GPS-enabled items. What about a pacifier you can track?

If you've ever found a cup or bottle days later with curdled milk, you'd jump at the idea, too.


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