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Ramon Sessions' dog settled in Los Angeles

April 03, 2012|By Mark Medina

In the middle of several nights, Ramon Sessions woke up dazed and confused. He then searched around his Manhattan Beach residence, wondering about his pet dog's whereabouts.

Sesh, his 6-month-old Staffordshire terrier, wasn't there, though. The dog remained in Cleveland for nine days with Sessions' cousin after the Cavaliers traded him to the Lakers. It turns out Sessions' arrival to the Lakers involved much more than learning the offense, playing with new teammates and getting settled in a new area. It also involved coping without man's best friend.

"I was so used to being with the dog," Sessions said. "I was trippin'. It's one of those things you get used to waking up to."

Sessions can rest easy now with Sesh's arrival last week in Los Angeles. He also doesn't need to Skype with his cousin just to see Sesh's face. Sesh, short for Ramon's last name, weighs in at 45 pounds, making it easy for Sessions to find him.

"He's liking the sun compared to that snow in Cleveland," Sessions said of Sesh. "I'll leave the door open and look at him two hours later. He's just laying out in the sun, chilling and taking it in. ... He doesn't do too many tricks. All he wants to do is eat, lay out and chill."

Sessions hardly has that lazy mind-set with the Lakers. Upon arrival, he asked his coaches and teammates to email him the playbooks so he could study up. Sessions also remains critical of his own progress, grading himself 70% since he still feels uncomfortable with teammate tendencies, defensive coverages and how to adapt when he plays at shooting guard.

But after becoming a pet owner during the NBA lockout to pass the time, Sessions finds Sesh a good companion when he wants to unwind. The two are feeling settled in L.A.

Said Sessions: "He was walking around like he's been here for a while."

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