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Letters: Magic & McCourt not a pretty picture

Fans wonder what the new Dodgers owner is thinking.

April 06, 2012
  • Magic Johnson chats with Frank McCourt during the Dodgers' season-opening game against the Padres at Petco Park in San Diego on Thursday.
Magic Johnson chats with Frank McCourt during the Dodgers' season-opening… (Denis Poroy / Getty Images )

Magic Johnson sitting with Frank McCourt at a Dodgers game? That could never happen, right? Somebody Photoshopped the two together. Magic would never do something so idiotic. I equate Magic sitting with Frank McCourt in the same vein as if he were sitting on the Celtics bench while the Lakers were playing the Celtics. Get a clue, Mr. Might Be the Owner.

Geno Apicella



Magic Johnson may own less than 3% of the Dodgers, but his presence is nearly 100% of Dodgers public relations. Thus, sitting next to Frank McCourt and his cronies on opening day is a "mustard's off the hot dog" play. Wake up, Magic!

Wayne Muramatsu



Seeing He Who Must Not Be Named sitting next to Magic on opening day spoiled what would have otherwise been an enjoyable viewing experience. Vinny. The Dodgers winning. Should have been fun stuff.

I just can't believe He Who Must Not be Named is completely out, and until I'm proved wrong my personal boycott of the ballpark is still in effect.

Mike Kvammen

South Pasadena


As ever, T.J. Simers is the only one astutely noting that new emperor may be wearing the same clothes as the old one. Mr. McCourt's business plan had banked on the fact that many fans will blindly root for their team — raise prices, reduce payroll — and it was working up until the divorce. Now the new money men will get their chance to prove their new partner (McCourt) right, while positioning Magic Johnson as "the new owner" to distract fans from the fact that the 2012 and 2013 teams will be Kemp, Kershaw and kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Ron Antonette

Long Beach


I'm not privy to the details of the Dodgers sale and Frank McCourt keeping half the parking lots, but could someone please provide us with a map of which of the lots McCourt still owns? I'm going to park in the other ones.

Mel Powell

Sherman Oaks


Thank you, T.J. Magic is more PR than anything else here. The fact that Frank McCourt is still in the picture is unsettling, but it won't be on my mind when I'm at Angel Stadium watching this year's World Series champion Angels.

Edward Madrid



Seldom has so much been written about something by so many who know absolutely nothing. Perhaps we should let the new owners do what they do best — make lots of money — and hopefully they will put a good, winning product on the diamond at the same time.

Rod Hersberger

Santa Barbara

About time

The Dodgers' new ownership should, by the time Vin Scully Bobblehead Day rolls around, rename the Stadium Vin Scully Field at Dodger Stadium (or something of that nature) before it becomes El Pollo Loco Park.

I'm sure Vin would never want it, which is exactly why it ought to be done.

The Times' sports editors, writers, and columnists should champion this idea. I bet the ownership group is reading the paper these days.

Chris Slay

Long Beach


I think Magic and his group got a great deal at $2 billion. Vin Scully alone is worth $3 billion.

Bart Miller

Marina del Rey

Mr. A

So Philip Anschutz is "really serious" about pro football returning to Los Angeles. In fact, Tim "The Carnival Barker" Leiweke was told by good ol' Mr. Anschutz to "get past your obstacles" so he (Anschutz) can seal the deal. The only obstacle that needs to be cleared is Anschutz using the Eli Broad method of negotiations: "Not With My Money."

Brent Montgomery

Long Beach


When Phil Anschutz sneezes within his Denver hide-out, does Tim Leiweke catch a cold in L.A.?

Hans Warren

Sherman Oaks


I've known monks who have taken vows of silence to be more outspoken than Phil Anschutz.

Arthur Freedman

Los Angeles

Done with it

Congratulations to Kentucky and to John Calipari's honest but nonetheless cynical use of "one and done" to earn the 2012 NCAA basketball championship. College should be about providing a thoughtful and thorough education to serious students, not about warehousing 18-year-olds who actually have the talent to play professionally and whose career aspirations extend no further than the NBA.

An 18-year-old who is sufficiently good to play pro basketball should be allowed to play in the NBA and the NBA should be ashamed of itself for not allowing them to play. The universities and their presidents should be even more ashamed for allowing themselves to be turned into whorehouses and madams, respectively.

Lewis Redding



There was something missing from your coverage of the NCAA championship game. What's the under/over for the number of months until Kentucky's win is vacated thanks to Coach Cal?

Rich Rudy

San Diego


Coach Howland, did you see what shape the Kentucky players were in? It is seconds after the tournament: Do you know where Josh Smith is?

Michael Davidson



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