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For the record

April 12, 2012

Gas prices: In the April 7 Section A, a chart that accompanied an article about motorists' relatively calm reactions to rising gasoline prices overstated automobile mileage ratings by about half. The chart erred in using Environmental Protection Agency calculations from laboratory tests, unadjusted for real-world driving conditions. An updated chart is posted at

"Farmer" Page: An article in the April 11 Section A about Jazz Age gambling kingpin Milton "Farmer" Page said that his son, Milton, owned a bookstore in Santa Barbara. The bookstore was in Los Angeles on Santa Barbara Avenue, which is now Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

Rick Monday photo: In the April 9 Sports section, a 1976 photo of Chicago Cub Rick Monday saving the American flag from being burned by protesters at Dodger Stadium was credited to the Associated Press. The photo was taken by James Roark of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.

Frank Howard interview: In the April 9 Sports section, a Q&A with former Dodgers slugger Frank Howard said that Norm Sherry was a pitcher on the team in the early '60s. In fact, Larry Sherry was a Dodgers pitcher in that era, while his older brother, Norm, was a catcher on the team.

"Billy Elliot the Musical": In the April 11 Calendar section, an article about the four boys who rotate in the leading role of "Billy Elliot the Musical" said that the show rehearsed in Evansville, Ill. The rehearsals took place in Evansville, Ind.

House of Blues: The Will Call column in the April 11 Calendar section said that the band StarKid would be appearing at the House of Blues in West Hollywood May 19 and at the House of Blues Anaheim May 22-24. The dates were reversed: StarKid plays the House of Blues Anaheim on May 19 and the House of Blues on Sunset May 22-24.

Dodgers' first pitch: In the April 7 Sports section, the Dodgers FYI column misspelled the last name of the daughter of longtime owner Walter O'Malley who was to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodgers' home opener Tuesday. Her name is Terry Seidler, not Siedler.

Movie trailers: An April 10 article in Business about the buzz surrounding movie trailers misspelled trailer editor Markus Wernig's last name as Werning.

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