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Letters: A good or bad sign for UCLA?

Readers comment on Shabazz Muhammad and what it means for UCLA basketball.

April 13, 2012

Blake Griffin and Vinny Del Negro would have us believe that defense in the NBA is actually rocket science. Come on, Blake, play hard, keep your man in front of you and box out. It really is that simple.

Maury D. Benemie


Swing shift

Present-day Tiger Woods and his mechanical swing overhaul No. 3 might want to ruminate on the idea that a guy who has never had a lesson just won the Masters in grand style.

Brad Kearns

Auburn, Calif.


So Tim Leiweke needs local sports fans to change their habits and take the Metro or take a walk or take a bike or take public transit to their proposed cash grab, I mean, football stadium. In that same vein, here's an environmentally friendly suggestion for AEG that will improve the situation for all local fans who are tired of this Colorado-based real estate group masquerading as an NHL team owner and civic benefactor:

Take a hike.

Elizabeth Tanner

Beverly Hills


Only a salesman with the unmitigated hubris of Tim Leiweke and a company as out of touch with reality as AEG could print a 10,000-page document and then implore Angelenos to be more ecological.

Andrew Mackinney



I told my husband that The Three Stooges were at the top of the Sports section this morning. He wanted to know what Phil Anschutz, Tim Leiweke and Frank McCourt had done.

Sally Vasquez

El Segundo


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